Bishop Sheen Today

This website is a great find!

It has a load of links to free Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen material and books. Radio shows, videos, books and more!

I have meet Allan Smith the founder personally, and can attest to the power of his influence to spread Bishop Sheen. Let’s pray for Sheen’s canonization.

If you have not read or listened to Venerable Archbishop Sheen I would definitely give him a thought for your next book/radio show. I would describe Venerable Archbishop Sheen’s writing as an older version of Scott Hahn. Very accessible like Scott Hahn but also with great depth. Sheen’s books can be slightly longer than Hahn’s and also deal with topics like communism and psychology more often (as we would expect from someone who preached in the 40-70s).

I would not be surprised if his works like Three to Get Married, The World’s First Love Mary Mother of God or The Priest is not his Own are still being read 300 years from now. -God willing the world does not end before that.

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