Vatican II FAQ’s Word on Fire

Word on Fire now has an excellent FAQ page on Vatican II. Check it out. Click Here.

It answers the following 12 questions. These 12 responses show how we owe Vatican II a religious assent because it is part of the ordinary magisterium’s teaching authority. It cannot be changed or disregarded. If you want to be able to calm your conscious avoid schism and defend Vatican II – these 12 response do the job!

  1. What is Vatican II?
  2. Did Vatican II define any new dogmas or condemn any heresies?
  3. Was Vatican II merely a “pastoral” council?
  4. Are Vatican II’s teachings infallible and binding, or fallible and optional?
  5. Did Pope Paul VI say that Vatican II was ordinary, pastoral, and fallible?
  6. Are Catholics free to ignore, disparage, or reject Vatican II?
  7. Could parts of Vatican II’s doctrine be removed or reversed in the future?
  8. Is Vatican II in continuity with tradition, or a rupture?
  9. Did thinkers behind Vatican II deliberately use ambiguity to change Church teaching?
  10. Did Vatican II forbid Latin, Gregorian Chant, pipe organs, and ad orientem worship in the Mass?
  11. Does supporting the Traditional Latin Mass mean you have to reject Vatican II—or vice versa?
  12. Did Vatican II cause the erosion we are seeing the Church—clerical corruption, the rise in the “nones,” the drop in vocations, the lack of belief in the Real Presence?


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