The Incorruptibles by Joan Carrol Cruz

How many uncorrupted body of saints do you think exist today? Apparently more than I would have ever thought. Joan Carrol Cruz’s classic book on the uncorrupted body of saints astounded me.

In over 100 chapters this book details over 100 saints whose bodies are still or were persevered miraculously from decay for 100’s of years. With several pictures and a short biography on the life on each saint it is a great devotional book to grow in faith and trust in God through witnessing his great power.

Although, some of the bodies have experienced greater extent of decay others seem as if they could simply wake up and resume normal life even after dying 100’s of years ago. She records how some of the bodies periodically move their eyes or even change position. Some of the saints were even buried without caskets in the ground and later unearthed to be found without any sort of decay set in.

Did you know St. Cecilia’s body who died in 177 is uncorrupted? (I wont give away the details)

Did you know that several of the saints uncorrupted remains are still visible today in different churches around the world? (possible next pilgrimage plans)

This book has been around for a while, and has gone through several publishing runs so there is always the chance of finding it at a local library or book fair as well.

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