Pope Francis my Pope Part 2: Martyr Pope of Fatima?

I think that Pope Francis may be the martyr Pope predicted in the Fatima Visions. I agree that Pope John Paul II was also represented in the vision when he was shot but think that there will be multiple fulfillments of martyr Popes.

Why Pope Francis? Because he unlike any other Pope in modern times has extreme backlash by the faithful. Other Popes may have been hated by the world to a greater degree, but Pope Francis takes the cake when it comes to the faithful dissenting from his teaching and example. (not a bad sign necessarily to have the world hate you by the way)

That is why I think Pope Francis will be martyred. He fulfills the rejection Jesus had. Jesus was rejected by his own people and disserted by his own followers. I think this is happening to Francis at a greater degree than any modern Pope.

I don’t want Francis to be martyred. Yet, if it is God’s will I think this would create such a mass of conversions that all would recognize it as a work of God.

I am encouraging prayers so that Pope Francis may be spiritual fit for the special role God may be calling him to.

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