Catechism Vatican II Style Part 2

This is my second post on my experience reading the Catechism of the Council of Trent. Since, some have been saying that the Trent Catechism is superior I wanted to see if that was true myself or was that assertion just based on bias. (see my first post here)

After a few more weeks of reading I have some more observations to share.

First, the modern (Vatican II) Catechism has a lot more in text references and citations. In the Trent Catechism I am reading there are not footnotes showing references as is standard for the Vatican II Catechism. Yet, even if there was, the Trent Catechism reads more like a preachers handbook than the more academically referenced Vatican II catechism. Vatican II has more scripture, saint, church fathers, council and liturgical quotes than the Trent Catechism. If you are looking for a more verbal description of the faith use the Trent catechism. If you are looking to see just how linked together the faith is (and want to check the facts yourself) use the Vatican II catechism. There is barely a paragraph in the Vatican II catechism that does not contain at least one quote to something else backing up its statement.

Second, because the Trent Catechism is older (almost 500 years) you miss out on a lot of great development since then. St. Therese of the little flower quotes. Vatican I and II teaching including the universal call to holiness. The developments in social teaching that occurred to counter issues like communism, socialism WW1&11 and so much more! The Vatican II catechism gives you a flavor of all that great development as you read through.

Third, there is a difference in emphasis. Trent is more focused on dealing with Protestant issues. Vatican II catechism more focused/suited to deal with the call of holiness in everyday life and evangelizing Catholics who have fallen away.

Finally, to conclude part 2 I would like to address the change to the Vatican II Catechism made by Pope Francis on the death penalty. Do changes make a Catechism weak? Not at all. It is only natural that they develop authentically. See the Vatican statement as why the change happened. Here (the circumstance of modern states have changed so the death penalty is longer acceptable as it was once in previous history) This is a valid change as moral acts have object, circumstance and intention. The circumstance has changed.

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