The 3 Saint Argument

This is a short argument for thought.

3 Popes who supported Vatican II have now been named saints, Pope Paul VI, John XXIII ad John Paul II.

They all made Vatican II a large part of their ministry as Pope.

Canonizations cannot be wrong (you can search that for yourself).

Thus, holding to a Pro-Vatican II stance is at least worthy of holiness. (They would not have been made into saints)

Moreover, we can assume that due to the large number of saintly Popes, on top of the other Popes current and past who supported Vatican II and promoted it in their ministry – that the Holy Spirit is calling us to support Vatican II as well.

Additionally, Vatican II was an Ecumenical council – It holds a special place in the Church as shows forth God’s will.

All these facts combined should make the intellect – tremble at going against Vatican II and excited at supporting it.

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Protecting, Providing for and Promoting the message of Vatican II

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