Breaking the Habit on Blaming Vatican II

Excellent video on the other society trends going on just after Vatican II caused many woes. It was not all Vatican II’s fault. Link Here.

Some Highlights.

It is giving Vatican II too much credit to make it the cause of so many woes. People did not just read a Vatican II document and decide to go and create social change. There were many other trends happening like WW1-11.

The claim is made that because of Vatican II we are much better off today than we would have been. It anticipated many movements like liberation and social freedoms giving us a way to deal with them and relate. It may have even staved off a great collapse.

The Church decline was also due to the abuse scandal, bad homilies not reaching heart and poor catechism. None of these are really Vatican II’s fault. The decline is about the faith not being relevant to people’s lives.

It is great that Latin Mass communities are growing. Truly. Yet, that is not the way for everyone. Going back to only the Latin Mass will only create small groups of intense faithful people the world has changed to much. The Latin Mass is not the answer. Both the new and old Masses can create saints.

Vatican II is bearing fruit in Africa and Asia.

See what you think watch the 8 minute video.

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