Psalm 27: Wait on the Lord – Vatican II in 500 Years!

From St. Augustine Expositions on the Psalms, Ed. by Philip Schaff from Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers.

‘Wait on the Lord, quit thyself like a man: and let thy heart be strong, yea wait on the Lord,’ But when shall this be? It is arduous for a mortal, it is slow to a lover: but listen to the voice, that deceiveth not, of him that saith, ‘Wait on the Lord,” Endure the burning of the reins manfully, and the burning of the heart stoutly. Think not that what thou dost not as yet receive is denied thee. That thou faint not in despair, see how it is said, ‘Wait on the Lord,’

In some places in the world it may seem that Vatican II has not really produced much fruit yet. (In some places – yes it most assuredly has borne fruit) That is the past. I will get back to it at the end.

What I want to reflect upon first is the future. The Lord has given Vatican II. There have only been 3 ecumenical council in the last 500 years. Given the financial situation of the Church, there very may well be no more ecumenical councils for the next few hundred years. In all chances, Vatican II will be the great defining point for the Church for possibly the next 500 years, just like Trent was in its own time.

So wait on the Lord! We don’t even know what next year will bring let only 200 years from now. We have to wait to see just how God prepared the Church in Vatican II for the demands of the future. God knew full well that it might be the very last council in the history of the world, thus I doubt that Vatican II does not have some hidden gems to deal with the future’s difficulties we can only imagine at present.

Now back to the past. Prayer takes time. St. Monica prayed for St. Augustine since an early age. He went from bad to worse before converting. He took a concubine, joined a heretical sect, and tricked St. Monica leaving her in a chapel and heading for Rome without her. Were St. Monica’s prayers unanswered calling for St. Augustine’s conversion. No – they were answered but in God’s time not in St. Monica’s time. God knew the proper time to convert St. Augustine to forge him into the greatest Christian mind ever.

The same is true for today. Not everywhere has been transformed by Vatican II. Yet, if we keep praying and waiting trusting in what God has given us in Vatican II – we will not be disappointed like St. Monica was.

Wait for it. Don’t go to far back to forgot Vatican II nor go to far forward thinking it can be undone. Stay in place and pray like St. Monica. Wait on the Lord. We will not be disapointed!

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