Reproach of Christ Blog -Pope Francis and Vatican II Resources (The Reproach of Christ Blog-Website) First, Ronald L. Conte Jr. does produce a lot a great articles and resources. Yet, he also has seems (Seems – I have not really tried to look into the details too much as his other Articles that are Pro-Francis are really really good) to overstep some boundaries in a few areas. He has published a Bible translation, which in canon law requires approval of the Holy See if it is to be used by the faithful. I don’t see that his translation has been approved. He has published a catechism website. All catechisms require the approval of the local bishop for use. I don’t think his catechism was approved. His views on the end of times, may promote a version of millennialism a heresy condemned by the Church. There may be some differences to his version, but it makes me uncomfortable in how close or related it is. (This does not mean that it is in error – again the topic does not interest me enough for me to have dug to deeply to find out the answer) He also dives into speculative topics about visionaries which some may disagree with.

So with that disclaimer, why link to his articles? First, because just because someone is wrong in one area it does not mean they are always wrong in others. Second, any possible errors do not deal with the topic at hand on Pope Francis. Third, he often publishes articles in a timely manner when things are still in the news. Fourth, I have given fair warning to those interested. Fifth, my website seeks to collect resources – not endorse entire websites and theology and some of his articles are very good even if the entire website is not. Thus, in my opinion there is fruit to be gathered by reading some of his articles as long as you don’t get carried away. There is one things I will say about the author is that, if he does have any faults his faults are not in opposing Francis. As his articles clearly show Ronald L. Conte clearly tries to shore up support for Pope Francis and obedience to his commands.

Some of the articles listed are not listed to attack anyone or belittle opposing views. They are listed for research purposes -not for supporting every argument or view- as this website tries to gather resources on the topic.

A list of some recent Article Topics for research (not supporting every view) on Pope Francis and Vatican II

Francis is the Valid Pope and no Pope can ever teach or commit heresy

The Papal Accusers’ Version of the Church

How the Canonization of Three Popes by Pope Francis utterly defeated the Papal Accusers

The Argument from Past Papal Error is not Valid

The Search for Loopholes in the Magisterium

The Crypto-Schismatic Position called “Recognize and Resist”

The Infallibility of Ecumenical Councils

Reply to Peter Kwasniewski’s Three Possibilities on Vatican II

Faith in the True Magisterium

Can a Pope teach grave error or heresy inadvertently or inculpably?

Fertile Soil for the Seeds of Schism

Is Taylor Marshall a sedevacantist? Yes.

Open Letter to the Papal Accusers

Proof that Communion on the Tongue does not Preserve Orthodoxy

If Pope Francis and Vatican II taught heresy…

The Errors of Bishop Schneider on Jews and Muslims

Has Communion in the Hand led to Heresy and Grave Harm to the Church?

Questions for Taylor Marshall and Bishops Schneider

My Simple Faithful Position on Pope Francis

LifeSiteNews continues to push its pseudo-dogma condemning Communion in the hand

How Can Vatican II Be Infallible?

Are All The Teachings of Vatican II Inerrant?

Questions for those who reject the teachings of Pope Francis

List of anti-Francis documents

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