John Paul II

A great promoter and participant in Vatican II he is a heroic example of the faith lived to its fullest. Pray for us and the continued unfolding of the great council’s gifts. (feast day Oct 22) Remember to keep all promoters of Vatican II in your prayers.


3 thoughts on “John Paul II

    1. I would agree, although I think for John Paul he had a particular inclination for V2. Not saying the argument is super strong to say that he was a promoter of V2 but at least the argument has ground enough to be made.

      What do you think of Francis’ recent statements? I usually take a pretty pro-Francis stance and am willing to over look a lot of stuff to see the good. over at they have some explanations, but this time I just feel like I would like Francis to speak out and simply clarify what he actually meant. I kinda feel like a fool defending the guy so much when things like this come out. I just got to keep praying for him.

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      1. Well, his statements are far more ambiguous than that of Vatican II. Lumen Gentium clearly stated: “Whosoever, therefore, knowing that the Catholic Church was made necessary by Christ, would refuse to enter or to remain in it, could not be saved.” Pope Francis, on the other hand, is sometimes very vague. The Document on Fraternity is certainly not something I could sign in good conscience. In the end, we sort of just have to trust the words of Matthew 16. There have been worse popes in the past, but the Holy Spirit will protect the Church. It’s always good to remember that our faith is in Jesus Christ, not in any pope, no matter how saintly.


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