Pedro Gabriel on Reason and Theology Taking on the Pachamama Episode

Reason & Theology – YouTube Pedro Gabriel (Where Peter Is) – Defending “Pachamama”

If you watch Reason and Theology you may have seen the recent video on defending the Pachamama episode. Pedro Gabriel proves his ferocity of intellect by going up against a few objections by the Hosts, Michael Lofton and Eric Ybarra. Now both of the hosts are great Catholics as well, but they have often expressed less than favorable opinions of Pope Francis. Pedro Gabriel who often supports Francis on shows that his ideas are not just blind papalism but supported by real facts as he places objections to rest.

For those who read Pedro goes over why he thinks the Pachamama statue was not a problem as was already written in several articles. Our Lady of the Amazon, Pray for Us | Where Peter Is Basically, those performing the statue call it Our Lady of the Amazon.

What is notable or an extra given in this interview was his defense of the scandal caused. Reason and Theology has often expressed the opinion that several things Pope Francis has done should have been clarified and explained by him in order to reduce the scandal. Pedro gives his explanation why Pope Francis offered little explanations afterwards – that he wanted to direct attention to what was really important not the side show that should not have been a problem in the first place. Additionally, Francis in his opinion does not like controversy keeping struggles to footnotes instead of letting it become the part of the main text or events. He makes an excellent remark that, Greek Paganism got its day and influenced so much of roman liturgy we should not think our liturgy is God given and that elements of other Pagan cultures can not be adopted if they are good also.

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