Indéfectibilité et obéissance à l’Eglise enseignante — + Archidiacre +

Démontre que l’Eglise enseignante ne peut jamais enseigner l’erreur et que l’Eglise enseignée lui doit toujours obéissance

Indéfectibilité et obéissance à l’Eglise enseignante — + Archidiacre +

Here is an excellent resource on the indefectibility of the church as it relates to sedevancantism by Semper Papiste (which google translate can with one click translate into English) thanks to WordPress functionality.

Here are some highlights. It draws out the teaching on what it means to be an indefectible church. That the church cannot teach unanimously grave error.

It also brings to light an excellent quote I had not seen before. Quoting from the article:

Moreover, Pius VI condemned as heretical this proposal of the synod of Pistoia in his Constitution Auctorem Fidei:

“1. The proposition that states: “In recent centuries a general obscuration has been spread over truths of great importance relating to religion and which are the basis of the faith and moral doctrine of Jesus Christ” (is) heretical.”


That is something to make you stop and think. The idea that a cloud of uncertainty has made the faith only available to a select few in the church is heretical. Clearly, this calls into question radical traditionalists and sedevancantist alike.

This website and article are definitely worth the time to read.

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