De graves erreurs de Vatican II ? — + Archidiacre +

Après avoir supprimé la possibilité d’hérésies contenues dans les doctrines annoncées par le Concile Vatican II, nous discuterons de la possibilité d’erreurs graves dans le Magistère conciliaire dans ce qui est imposé avec autorité.

De graves erreurs de Vatican II ? — + Archidiacre +

Does a Teaching Need to be a Dogma Extraordinarily Proclaimed to be Binding or Guarded from Grave Error? Can Something only Part of the Ordinary (and not Universal) Magisterium be a Grave Error?

The theologians seem to agree that, although the guarantee of infallibility applies in its strictest sense only to the exercise of the extraordinary magisterium, that is, to ex cathedra pronouncements, yet in the exercise of his powers of the ordinary Magisterium, the Pope has the protection and guidance of the Holy Spirit, at least to the extent that Almighty God would not allow him to make a serious mistake in teaching the universal Church.” (Papal Social Principles: A Guide and Digest, Fr. Thomas J. Harte, C.Ss.R., Ph.D., Bruce Publishing Co., 1956). For a lot more quote translate this page to English Erros graves do Vaticano II? – Apologista Católicos (

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