Le Nouvel Esprit


– In depth articles on Vatican II, which include topics such as hermeneutics and Dignitatis Humanae “The task of Le Nouvel Esprit is to develop a middle position (between radical traditionalism and the view that Vatican II did not go far enough in reforms) that accepts the validity of Vatican II and that it is not a rupture from prior Catholic teachings. Our position starts with the profession that Vatican II is a gift of the Holy Spirit to the whole of humanity. This must be the starting point to understand the Council. Within this perspective our investigations are undertaken. 

This website was another really great find and am very happy to share it with all Vatican II defenders or questioners.

What you will find:

The words of the Council as spoken words of the Spirit ‘represent a deeper insight into the eternal mystery, and point out the paths by those entrusted with the task of bringing this mystery into the contemporary world‘”

Like a fresco the Council requires repeated meditations to glean out particular riches, a wealth originating from God Himself.

Every Pope from Vatican II onwards and the 1985 Extraordinary Synod believed that​the Spirit was operative within the Council, working through the Council Fathers in translating the divine words of the Spirit into human language in the Council texts​.

Makes me want to read some more!

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