Réfutation des objections contre le Concile Vatican II — + Archidiacre +

Cette «Súmula» par Nelson Sarmento répond aux principales objections qui sont communément faites par les lefebvristes et les sedevacantistes en opposition au Concile Vatican II.

Réfutation des objections contre le Concile Vatican II — + Archidiacre +

In this great article you will find the following answers

1. The revelation would have been completed at crucifixion

2. The Holy Spirit acts in heretic and schismatic saints, so that they are not stripped of meaning and importance in the mystery of salvation

3. Prayer with heretics and schismatics

4. The natural right of non-Catholics to religious freedom

5. The right to religious freedom in denominational countries

6. The purposes of marriage

7. Today’s Jews are not responsible for the passion and death of Christ

8. Jews are not presented in the Scriptures as rejected or cursed

9. Past dissension with Muslims must be forgotten

10. Protestant liturgical actions engender the life of grace and give access to the communion of salvation

11. There are holy and true things in false religions

12. The Catholic Church looks with sincere respect at the way of acting and living, the precepts and doctrines, which are not true in false religions

13. The Church tends to the fullness of truth

14. The Church is called to reform itself

15. Distinction between the truths of the deposit of faith and the manner in which they are pronounced

16. Truth is imposed only by the force of truth itself

17. The Church as a Trinitarian Mystery, Trinitarian Ecclesiology (Lumen Gentium 2-4)

18. The Pope alone and the College of Bishops as two subjects of supreme and full authority in the Church

19. The Church as God’s people. (Lumen gentium, CH II)

20. The Church needs purification

21. Sin diminishes man

22. The Church as sacrament

23. The Church is the instrument of unity for the whole human race

24. Our Lady is making progress on the path of faith  

25. Redemption was fulfilled in the Easter mystery of passion, resurrection and ascension

26. In baptism, we are grafted into the Easter mystery

27. Fathers, as collaborators of bishops, have the primary function of proclaiming the Gospel

28. Catholics participate in the prophetic function of Christ

29. By incarnation, the Son of God has united in a certain way with every man, therefore in Christ human nature has been elevated to a sublime dignity

30. The only creature man wanted by himself by God

31. The divine resemblance has been altered by Adam’s sin

32. People born in heretical sects cannot be accused of the sin of division

33. Heretics and schismatics may believe or have faith in Christ

34. Heretics and schismatics, validly baptized, find themselves in an imperfect communion with the Church

35. Heretics and schismatics, validly baptized, are incorporated into Christ

36. Elements of truth and sanctification in separate communities

37. Bloodshed or martyrdom by heretics and schismatics

38. The manner and method of formulating Catholic doctrine must not become an obstacle to dialogue with the separated brethren

39. Hierarchy of the Truths of Catholic Doctrine

40. Seeds of the verb in false religions

41. Muslims worship the one God

42. Common priesthood of the faithful

43. Autonomy and independence of the political community and the Church, in their own field

44. Giving sacraments to Orthodox Christians

45. Participation in non-Catholic sacred rites and reception of non-Catholic sacraments

46. Please let all be a

47. “Separated Brothers”

48. Heretics and schismatics called Christians

49. In the separation, it is the fault of the men on one side and the other.

50. We must eliminate words, judgments and actions that do not correspond to the condition of the separated brothers

51. Dialogue between Christians on their own doctrines

52. Cooperation between Christians in the social field

53. The Eucharistic celebration in the Eastern churches, builds the Church of God and grows

54. Universal Brotherhood among Men

55. A source of revelation

56. Tradition fully transmits the word of God entrusted by Christ the Lord and the Holy Ghost to the apostles

57. Scripture teaches without error the truth that God wanted to be delivered to our salvation

58. The competence of bishops

59. The Church has always worshipped the divine Scriptures as the Body of the Lord

60. Living Tradition

61. Active participation in liturgical celebrations (Const. Concilium Sacrosanctum)

62. The economy of revelation comes from deeds and words

63. Separate communities used as a means of salvation

64. Subsistit in

65. The apostolic tradition is progressing in the Church

66. The Ecumenical Movement is recognized within the Catholic Church

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