An Appeal to Take Back Vatican II by Reason and Theology Micheal Lofton

An Appeal to Take Back Vatican II with Michael Lofton – YouTube

Micheal Lofton says that we should take back Vatican II by heretics and liberals. It is an ecumenical council and is part of the faith.

Here is a teaser!

“… we need to take it back and yes you did hear that correctly, I think we need to take the second Vatican council back we need to stop giving it to the heretics and stop giving it over to the liberals it’s an ecumenical council for crying out loud so as Catholics we we can’t just ditch an ecumenical council now there have been some ecumenical councils that have been received uh it may be a fuller way than others and there have been some ecumenical councils that were much more impactful than others of course but we can’t just ditch this thing and just say I can completely ignore it and it’s irrelevant to me or worse attribute heresy to it and I want to call us to consistency because as Catholics especially those who identify as catholic but they would have a major problem with the Second Vatican council they would even go so far as to say there’s heresy in it. I wonder how consistent they really are because generally what I hear from Catholics who are of that perspective is that you know the previous ecumenical councils they get a check mark next to them but the Second Vatican council no no no no this is under dispute and I would say you’re being inconsistent at that point because as I’ve noted previously on this show the council of Nicaea as great as it was did not engage the issue of the Holy Spirit now I understand there’s some things surrounding the council and many of the fathers believe the Holy Spirit was divine I understand that I’m saying the counsel itself did not engage the position of the Holy Spirit whether or not he is consubstantial with the Father and the Son it simply passed over that issue in silence.”

He then shows some controversy with the other councils. He points out that if you defend the other councils even with their short falls, then you should also do that for Vatican II to be consistent. listen to this 20 minute video and get some more info!

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