Vatican II and the Franciscan Thesis

The Franciscan Thesis is that Mary was predestined to be Mother of God in one and the same decree with Christ’s Incarnation and the Absolute Primacy of the Incarnation. The absolute primacy of the Incarnation is the view that Christ’s Incarnation was planed to occur with or without Adam’s sins and the entire creation was created in view to Christ himself. This contrasts with St. Thomas Aquinas’ view that Christ’s Incarnation was due to the fact that Adam sinned from which is derived the necessary fault sung in the Easter Liturgy.

Video – Msgr. Calkins – Franciscan Thesis, Fehlner and the Magisterium – CONF 306 | (The list to follow is from the Video)

Vatican II specifically furthered the magisterial authority of this thesis to the point where we can no longer specifically call it a thesis but something taught by the church at least on a serious level but not infallibly. Although, this thesis entered into the magisterium before Vatican II one may see by the list that it is since Vatican II and Vatican II itself that the thesis has gained full force. The list below from the video shows the most important texts from the magisterium that support the thesis.

Confirmation of Franciscan Thesis in the Magesterium (13:35)

Since Ineffabilis Deus many confirmations by Magisterium, so no longer a thesis. Here are Fifteen:

1 – Pius XII – 1950 Munificentissimus Deus No. 40 – Assumption – One and same decree

next Four are in Vatican II Documents

2 – Lumen Gentium (LG) No. 53 Mary redeemed by merits of Son and united to Him,

3- LG 56 incarnation preceded by acceptance of her who is predestined to be Mother of God,

4 – LG 61 predestined from eternity

5 – Vat II Sacrosanctum Concilium No. 103 inseparable bond in salvation

6 – Paul VI – Professio Fidei – Mary Joined by indissoluble bond to incarnation and redemption.

7 – Paul VI – May 30, 1973 General Audience – Mary’s Human Cooperation predestined but free cooperation with her Son. –

8 – Paul VI – Marialis Cultus No. 25 – one single decree

9 – John Paul II – Redemptoris Mater (RM) – 25 March. no.8 With Son, Father a has Chosen her and thus united to Christ. Making use of wisdom texts referring primarily to Christ but understood early as pertaining to Mary

JPII – RM 9 predestination of Mary, Full of Grace because predestined

Fr. Peter. Christ is redemptive as well as saving, Mary preservative

JPII – RM 10 from first moment belonged to Christ, she got life from Christ but give life to Christ as Mother.

10 – JPII – General Audience Nov 23, 1988 [In the video he says 1998] – In this gift made to John and to all of us. Mary is here center of salvation history entirely one with Him, contemplated, predestined and situated together at the center of salvation history.

11 – JPII – Dies Domini no. 79 1998 – Holy Church venerates Mary in union with Christ, indissoluble bond. Quoted from SC 103

12 – JPII – Dec 8 2004 – Homily for Immaculate Conception – Predestination Mary is linked to Christ’s and ours. Mary is a sign of all our salvation, links to Protoevangelicum Gen 3:15.

JPII – Many other texts on theme of Calvary joint suffering of Mary and Jesus is a major theme of JPII’s pontificate.

13 – Benedict XVI – Dec 8, 2006  Spanish Steps – Full of Grace, predestined to be mother of the Redeemer and associated with salvation. –


14 – BXVI – Angelus Address 2007 Aug 15 – closely united to divine son triumphing over sin and death one and the same decree.

Pius XII – One and the same decree

15 – BXVI – 7 Sept 2008 Homily at Shrine of Our Lady of Bonaria. Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy – Predestination of Mary is inscribed in the predestination of Jesus. The “here I am” of Mary reflected in that of Jesus, and His disciples.


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