Profession of Faith: Religious Submission to non Definite Acts and Vatican II

The profession of faith is required by the following groups according to Church law Canon 833. (1) those who attend with votes in ecumenical or particular councils, synods and even even diocesan synods. (2) Cardinals. (3) Bishops. (4) Diocesan Administrators (5) Vicars – General, Episcopal, Judicial. (6) Pastors, Rectors, Teachers of Theology and Philosophy in Seminaries, Deacons. (7) Rectors of Ecclesiastical or Catholic Universities, Teachers in any University if they teach matters pertaining to faith and morals. (8) Superiors in clerical religious institutes, societies of apostolic life.

A profession of faith consists of the following listed below. It is relevant for Vatican II because it clearly shows that those in teaching and governing offices must obey even non definite teachings of the Church magisterium. (hint -we all must)

I, N., with firm faith believe and profess each and every thing that is contained in the symbol of faith, namely:


With firm faith I also believe everything contained in God’s word, written or handed down in tradition and proposed by the Church, whether by was of solemn judgment or though the ordinary and universal magisterium, as divinely revealed and calling for faith.

I also firmly accept and hold each and every thing that is proposed definitively by the Church regarding teaching on faith and morals.

Moreover, I adhere with religious submission of will and intellect to the teachings which either the Roman Pontiff or the college of bishops enunciate when they exercise the authentic magisterium, even if they proclaim those teachings by an act that is not definitive.

It is therefore, rather serious for those in offices within the church to disobey Vatican II or the teaching of Pope Francis on topics that are not taught with definite acts. If a teacher goes against Vatican II in a way that is not religiously submissive of will and intellect – they broke an oath.


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