A Reform of the Reform — Making Liturgy Great Again???? Trumpism in our Views for the Future

Let’s face it, most things have a substantial amount of strings attached.

I just want to point that out.

To claim that Vatican II needs a reforming council needs to be a balanced statement. Simply, saying we need to go back to the past and forget everything it did — sounds and is very much a string-ly attached system of thought and ideals. Its a Donald Trumpism at its heart. That by sitting down we can just make it great and do it! That we have it figured out and only if everyone else would listen to us and our ideas the Church would be great again.

The same statement goes for those who view everything in the modern papacy and Vatican II as perfect. The Trumpism on this side of the fence is that, if only those old school Catholics would embrace Vatican II and wasting their energies on private practices the New Evangelization could really start getting under way.

The point at the end of all this is that if you claim to know it all and how to solve the problem as if it would make things great again – you are falling into a Trumpism.

I don’t think ever in the Church’s history has a council or anything other than Jesus’ life really been a perfect solution to any problem. The fact is, that the Church even before Trent was more broken apart by the Reformation than it was since the Arian crisis. And since Trent, the situation did not get any better but got continually worse with time as the Church lost more and more ground in society and in representing countries. Vatican II, was just another step/solution that only half solved problems as with every other Church council did which had solutions and divisions present in its wake.

If we just step back for a second and think. By 2050, it is predicted that China may have more Catholics than any other country! Do we think that Vatican II is the cause of this? Do we think that a reform of Vatican III would even change that? It was not the doing of Trent for sure. America is more religious by several factors than Europe. Was that a fruit of Trent? A fruit of Vatican II? Would a reform of Vatican II really change that in the next 150 years? Africa is set to be a Catholic epicenter! It might even overtake South America. Is that because of Vatican II? Would a Vatican III really change that?

Honestly, it can be easy to think if that or this was changed in our little rabbit holes the whole Church would be better. Yet, I think rationally speaking very few people are in a position to really know that. The best we have is really on obedience to what we are given by the magisterium – Vatican II, and a deep understanding of Tradition (through Trent) and Scripture (back to the Apostles and Christ).

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