Why No V2 Supporters Should Gloat over the Restrictions on the TLM

It was tempting as an avid supporter of Vatican II to go way to far in underlining the fact in Pope Francis’ recent Motu Proprio shows that still and yet again the Magisterium of the Church is telling us in not so many words (as it has constantly said so explicitly) that the future is Vatican II Theology and Liturgy instead of going back to TLM ideas and Liturgy. I waited a while with prayer before making a comment.

I did not do so because the TLM does have a place in a Vatican II era and because that would cause division when that is what Francis wants to avoid.

What I will say though is that Francis is quite clear in saying that when the TLM communities even if they prefer and are successful in using the TLM system to gain converts and be deeply spiritual cannot forget, ignore or even not promote Vatican II concepts. The way forwards is Vatican II for the Church, the Popes are clear on this. If you fit into a niche that is not super enthusiastic for Vatican II that is okay in the Church’s realm. But — this niche can never jeopardize the overall large scale goal of the Church which is Vatican II fruits, goals and projections. What is clear is that the Popes want Vatican II forward thoughts.

If you are constantly telling people Vatican II ideology or Liturgy is evil or wrong, then you have left the church period. If the Vatican II Liturgy or doctrines taught evil or is evil the Holy Spirit has left the Church, its Popes and an Ecumenical Council. Christ was wrong – the Church was not protected. You cause division by doing so.

Nor can you accuse the Pope of being focused on conservative wrong doers instead of liberal ones (a.k.a. Fr. James Martin) because the Motu Proprio was about division. Do liberals cause division? Yes, but not in the same sense as conservatives. The TLM rad-trad ideas alienates people and others by attacking valid spirituality and liturgy. Liberals to be fair – corrupt morals more so than make people leave or alienate them.

What is the way forward?

Simply prayer is my answer. For those in the TLM, a struggle if they desire their lost masses. For those in the TLM that have gone too far right, a realization that they are schismatics due to a rejection of Vatican II because they headed against the Pope. For us in Vatican II style places, prayer for others that are struggling. This prayer will bring us closer and help us learn from eachother.

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