Does Pope Francis Only Quote Post Vatican II Sources

In a video by Timothy Gordon entitled “5 Catholics Debate the Motu and SSPX” about Pope Francis’ recent move on Traditional Latin Masses, apart from a few speakers wrongful attribution of the word wicked to Pope Francis, (not M. Lofton) Eric Sammons had a rather weak criticism against Francis.

Eric makes the claim that Francis does not quote from Church texts from the pre-Vatican II era.

So I did a check. First Francis does quote from Vatican I. Second so what?

It has been about 60 years since Vatican II. How often do Popes really quote from encyclicals or Letters that are older than 60 years? Not often.

If you simply choose a pre-Pope John XXIII Pope and read an encyclical or exhortation at random you will find sometimes that they reach back 70 years sometimes 80 years, but also at times less than 60 years.

The difference is these Pre Vatican II Popes were living in a time when the last major Catholic event happened 400 years ago (Council of Trent) Francis lives in a time when the last major event was 50 years ago. Thus, the non-Francis Popes often have to rely on non-Ecumenical Council texts to back up their thoughts on current world issues. Francis on the other hand has a modern council that talks about modern problems so does not have to reach as far back.

Eric’s criticism about Francis not quoting texts 70 years ago when a lot of other Pope’s never did (and he does quote Vatican II by the way) is unfounded and grasping and weak claims.

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