Words & Visions From God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit – Book Review

I have recently been granted access to a draft copy of a future book title “Words and Visions from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit” ISBN  978-1-7780855. I have not finished the entire book as of yet, but feel the content may be beneficial for many,

The book is a collection of visions or messages given by God to two contemporary lay people, identified by the names of ‘Little Mary’ and ‘M’ in my home dioceses. These woman are under the direction of a local priest and have the bishops approval for the publication of the book.

They remain unknown in person which is a good sign in my estimation (no seeking of recognition). The messages also have some punch which is spiritually helpful. Another great sign is that the messages when the contain dark or gloomy predications end in hope and inspiration.

What makes the visions unique is that the recent visions are preparing for some tribulations coming in the near future (2023?). Apart from spiritual growth wisdom and tid-bits of insight which form the bulk of the content, the visions predict the following things: (And yes I understand it all may seem crazy) The visionaries also have a email list which you can receive direct to your inbox any new visions or messages. Contact me on this website’s contact page if you would like the email in which to subscribe.

The sun will grow hotter, and the earth’s magnetic field (which protects us from the sun’s radiations) will weaken. The core of the earth will heat up. This will cause global warming to increase. The media will claim that it is due to human causes without mentioning the true causes. There will be famine and hardships. This is a time for the faithful to be cheerful and rely on God and show others of God’s joy.

The government will introduce control measures to control the population in order to contain climate change. These measures will reduce personal freedom. Selfish leaders will take advantage of the crisis.

Muslim countries are preparing for a coordinated attack on Jerusalem.

New and old sicknesses will (re)surface. There will be suffering and sacrifice. Biotech will advance and many new things will be introduced. Most of the technology will be harmful.

The ocean currents will reverse in direction. Lightening will become worse.

UFO’s will be sighted and the government will present them to the public. The UFO’s will present a solution to the climate changes. The UFO’s will presented as friendly beings. In truth they are dangerous. (Reading between the lines – they are demons)

Artificial intelligence technology will increase. It will offer some comforts and convivence. It will be used by the forces of evil to cause great harm.

There will be supply shortages. A small stockpile is advisable as long as it does not distract you from relying on Christ.

Many miracles will be performed by the faithful and a great spiritual awakening is set to occur.


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