Confusion – What to Take from the News on the Liturgy

I do not know how to read the latest document on the Liturgy by Pope Francis. The document, titled “Desiderio Desideravi,” about the Liturgy comes in the same news cycle as Nancy Pelosi being granted communion at the Vatican even though her Bishop told her not to present herself for communion.

It is hard for my mind to wrap myself around a meditation on the Liturgy and have respect for it when at the same time Nancy is allowed communion -allowed to disrespect and commit sacrilege to Christ in the Liturgy.

This is not meant to be a commentary on either item. I want to simply point out the confusion that many like myself feel. I want to be faithful to the Church’s teachings but find it difficult to follow their example when the ‘books’ say one thing and the actions of the same leadership another.

I am left with prayer, and not a bad place to be indeed. Instead of trying to solve this one or offer commentary, I am going to just pray. News seems to offer more and more confusion to a rational mind.


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