Aliens are Demons: Avoid at All Costs

Are Aliens evil spirits?

That is a very important question in my opinion as I believe the governments around the world are setting themselves up to reveal aliens to the general population. These aliens will present a “solution” to the climate problems, energy shortfalls and food shortages. Many may even see aliens as their saviors. The aliens may even target Christianity and try to disprove it.

In the coming months I hope to gather my thoughts on the subject and write an in-depth post on the subject. The comments below are the beginning of my musings on the subject. I hope you find them helpful as if start to formulate more definite response backed up by better facts and resources.

The Catholic Church has no official position on the existence of aliens. The official doctrines of Christianity are not phased by the existence or non-existence of (intelligent) life on other planets. Either way the Church will go on, even if the general media presents the idea that aliens somehow disproves Christianity.

That being said, just because their is no official position does not mean we should greet aliens nor accept them as beneficial in any way at all.

I am of the opinion that aliens are demons appearing to the modern man in a form which they will accept and get drawn towards.

Just think about it. If the demons appeared to look like reptiles in a burning hell, then modern man may well wake up and become more devote. Yet, if demons appear as reptiles from space, modern man tends to want to reach out and contact them. It is no wonder movies presents aliens are physical beings (who somehow travel million of years in space to reach earth and have 1000s of sightings but no photos) instead of spiritual ones. If the presented them as spiritual it would build up the faith of the general population in Christ.

In the month of August, I hope to read and review the book by Ross, H., Samples, K. & Clark, M. (2002). Lights in the sky and little green men: A rational Christian look at UFOs and Extraterrestrials. Colorado Springs, CO: Navpress. It is one of the few books I can find that deal with aliens from a Christian perspective. It takes the position for several reasons that aliens are spiritual beings. Aliens often produces harm to those that see them or have physical contact with them.

It is common knowledge that many people claim (non-Christian and Christian) that the name of Jesus causes aliens to fly away (because they are demons). Occultist are the ones who often see aliens for a reason. We should place aliens in the same category as magic and false divinization.

I am testing this theory by reaching out to English speaking churches around the world of all afflictions asking if they have ministered to people who have claimed to see aliens and if the name of Jesus Christ was an effective way to combat them. The survey results I will share on this website as proof true or false if the name of Christ is terror for aliens. If this is true it is likely that aliens are in fact evil spirits. I am looking forward to the results!

There are also several biblical themes to explore. The antichrist and the false prophet will perform signs and wonders. as describes in the book of Revelation. These signs and wonders could be alien-demon tricks and technology. The false prophet could even be a fallen principality or higher order spiritual being than an angle or archangel that has fallen.

In gathering my resources on the topic I have come across the following resources. head of the Vatican Observatory thinks there’s a good chance they do, and that their existence would be in keeping with the faith.

C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy “Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength” This work of fiction explores the idea that our fallen race of humanity could affect an unfallen race of aliens just as the fallen angles affect us. It also brings to mind how the good angles can help us, just as a redeemed race of humans through Christ can help a fallen race of aliens.

A United Church Pastor’s Homily on the subject of aliens which he believes are unreasonable both scientifically and Biblically. He even shows how alien sightings have changed over time. They went from airship type balloon ships to flying saucers as our own technology advanced.

An Article showing that most sightings seem to favor the idea that aliens are spiritual rather than physical (i.e the sighting yet never a photo, the craft that can crash and leave no marks, the sharp turns in the sky, can be seen yet not picked up on radar etc…) . Link Here

Let me know if anyone of you have any other resources or thoughts on the subject. Thanks!


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