Does Francis Only Quote Post Vatican II Sources?

I once heard someone accuse Francis of only using Post-Vatican II sources in his encyclicals and Exhortations. Is this true? Should we expect someone living 55 years after Vatican II closed to often quote pre-Vatican II works?

I did a quick survey of other Popes and how far back quote church documents in their encyclicals and exhortations. (This excludes quotes from the Church Fathers and other saints which are often and numerous with all Popes including Francis and often go back to the first centuries)

From the quick survey of the table below, Francis does quote pre-Vatican II sources. Although one can admit he may quote them at a lower frequency than others this is only to be expected as history moves on. Vatican II was the major Council of our time it is to be expected that it becomes the source of most Church teaching regarding modern issues. It would seem from the table that a good 70-90 years worth of previous Church documents are often referenced in papal encyclicals and exhortations. Thus, we should expect to see pre-Vatican II sources continually referenced for the next 30 years or so.

This was done just in a quick read through of the footnotes so the years may be off give or take but the general idea is presented regardless.

Pope FrancisFrataelli Tutti, 2020Reach Back 89 years to Quadragesimo Anno by Pius XI
Pope FrancisLumen Fidei, 2013Reach Back goes to the Council of Trent and the First Vatican Council
Pope FrancisGaudete et Exsultate, 2018Reach Back goes to the Synod of Orange in the 500s, Also references from the Council of Trent
Pope Francis Laudato Si, 2015Reach Back 49 years to Paul VI’s Address in a Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant
Pope Benedict XVIDues Caritas Est, 2005Reach Back 114 years to Rerum Novarum by Leo XIII
Pope Benedict XVISpe Salvi, 2007Reach Back 15 years
Pope Benedict XVICaritas In Veritate, 2009Reach Back 118 years to Rerum Novarum by Leo XIII
Pope John Paul IIUt Unum Sint, 1995Reach Back 35 years to Superno Dei Nutu by John XXIII
Pope John Paul IIRedemptor Hominis, 1979 Reach Back to the First Vatican Council. Also references Quadragesimo Anno by Pius XI
Pope Paul VIEcclesiam Suam, 1964Reach Back 68 years to the Acta of Leonis XIII (1896)
Pope Paul VIMense Maio, 1965Only references to current events ongoing in Second Vatican Council
Pope Paul VIMysteruim Fidei, 1965Reach Back to the Council of Trent
Pope Paul VIChristi Matri, 1966Reach Back 71 years to Adjutricem Populi Chritiani by Leo XIII
Pope Paul VIPopulorum Progressio, 1967Reach Back 82 years to Immortale Dei by Leo XIII
Pope Paul VISacerdotalis Caelibatis, 1967Reach Back 59 years to Haerent Animo by Pius X
Pope Paul VIHumanae Vitae, 1968Reach Back 88 years to Arcanum Divinae by Leo XIII

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