How Hard is it to Find a Poorly Said or Scandalous Novus Ordo?

In Ontario, Canada I would say it is extremely hard to find a scandalous or poorly said Novus Ordo Sunday Liturgy.

As a Canadian living in Ontario I find it extremely odd how many good standing Catholics in the States or Traditionalists claim that there are scandalous Novus Ordo liturgies around them.

To be honest, from my own personal life experience in Ontario, I think that these claims may stem from scrupulosity, equating someone receiving communion on the hand as a grave sin, or from other personal beliefs about the behavior of parishioners (talking in church etc…) as somehow altering the efficacy of the priest’s reverent recital of the mass or personal opportunity for grace.

It is easy to find scandalous masses online, but if all I had to go on was my own observations – Scandalous Novus Ordo liturgies are hard to find!

In my life I had a hard time finding employment early on in my career and had to move several times before I can to reside in my current residence. Hence, I have attended numerous parishes over the years in Ontario and have only seen 1 liturgy that had some alterations (and even those were in good taste). The 1 liturgy that had alterations was run by a religious order and was a shrine. They added some words during mass about healing and various other subjects – and may have had the bishop’s permission to do so.

I have been to the following number of parishes.

Diocese of Peterborough 1

Diocese of Pembroke 3 (Plus Shrine of Saint Anne in Cormac)

Archdiocese of Toronto 13 (Plus 1 Shrine and 3 Chapels)

Archdiocese of Ottawa 2 (Plus 1 Chapel)

Archdiocese of Saint Sault Saint Marie 3

Archdiocese of Kingston 9 (Plus 1 Chapel)

If we count my family and friends, I could add another 10 to that total.

I have seen a priest spill the Blood of Christ on his vestments by accident and dealt with the situation reverently. I have seen a priest accidently say the Pope was John Paul II instead of Francis but that was due to his old age and the heat. I have seen 1 video of my grandparents renewing their vows which basically had a female deacon in it, but that parish has since reformed and improved in the last 30 years.

Basically, what I am getting at is in Ontario Canada, it is not valid to say Novus Ordo Liturgies are not done well or are scandelous. A person would be very hard pressed to stumble upon a scandelous Novus Ordo.

This may be different in the States, but in Ontario the whole Novus Ordo liturgies are not reverent argument simply does not apply. I expect reverent Novus Ordo in Ontario and that is what is consistently get.


3 thoughts on “How Hard is it to Find a Poorly Said or Scandalous Novus Ordo?

  1. You make good points. Most Novus Ordo masses seem to be more or less in accord with the official liturgy. Obviously, there are some that are not (you have probably seen a few online), but it’s not every day you’ll find a parish that uses apple-cinnamon hosts or has a Marvel theme or whatever (yes, those are both real things, I think, but uncommon).

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  2. I agree, and have had conversations like this with anti-novus-ordo Catholics. I’ve only been Catholic since 2015, but I’ve traveled a bit and even attended Mass overseas. Not one would I consider “irreverent” or “scandalous”.

    I think you nailed the issue. Many consider communion in the hand or altar girls or versus populum or whatever as “abuses.” If one wishes to call something the Church accepts an abuse, well then of course one is going to find such things everywhere. Join the Protestants who think the Eucharist itself is profane and sacrilegious.


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