Government Alien Grooming and Media Methods

Just a catch up moment on some of my previous posts about UFO’s in the last few months (Aliens are Demons). I claimed, the government(s) are going to introduce aliens to the populations. These aliens are going to “solve” climate change but are in reality demons and extremely evil spiritual beings. Latter the government will introduce ‘evil’ aliens in an attempt to wrestle freedom from submissive and scared populations.

The government(s) are grooming us to accept UFO life on earth. From USA Congress’ recent May discussions on UFOs and other Ariel Unidentified Objects, to the media’s willingness to report on even some pretty low effort UFO news items, and even a stir in some recent UFO books and publications all point towards the Government grooming us to accept UFO presence.

I would like to say the most of my Media comments stem from a Canadian experience. Most of the big media companies in Canada are rather directly funded by the government, rely on government grants or are controlled by only a few select mother organizations that own everything from TV stations, radio networks, major newspapers all the way down to your local small town newspapers stand. And of course there are some great reporters and stations which fall outside of my criticisms.

The media can be fickle. When something big happens, such as a new Tesla car being introduced, the media then filters in a whole bunch of related electric car content which otherwise would never have made headlines. This is what they do – cycles. For example, a zoo in the southern states has a baby gorilla born. The media then presents this item as it is a rare occasion in America. They will then go an report on a whole bunch of rather common and none headline worthy new items about gorillas in Africa and elsewhere. They do this as click bait. Everyone is talking about the baby gorilla in America so they have gorillas on the mind. The media then presents a whole bunch of gorilla content of non-note worthy items which gets them clicks and views because it is on people’s minds.

If you have watched news cycles for even 4 months or so you will see this happen. A flavour of ice-cream is recalled by Walmart, and all of a sudden the ice cream route driven by 1 of 15 different vendors in the local city being disrupted by traffic (which happens every week to one of them but is never on the news) somehow becomes a major headline of the 1 hr. long evening news.

There are even more Media Methods.

There is also the method of Content Balancing. For example, a good thing done by a local Catholic Church actually makes the news! — This gets balanced, if not immediately after it by something about a Muslim or a Jew. Unless the favored political view of the news station is scoring the points, when any opposing views get air time – they are mostly balanced by opposing views.

It does not take much to recognize Content Banishing, and Media ‘Parental’ Filtering. When a piece of content is in the mind of many viewers, but not supported by big tech/business or the government does it really even make a news impact that it should? For example, how many North American people actually believe in climate change? How many North American people think LGBQ stuff is ungodly? How many Canadian’s actually think the trucker protest in Ottawa was a bad idea? I will leave those answers to the viewer.

What is obvious is that the media like a ‘parent’ filters out views that dare I say even a majority of people hold and only present the standardized version that they want us to hear. Never present ‘fringe’ ideas (that a large percentage of the population holds) for the fear that a neutral media may sway the population away from the ‘mainstream’ views.

All this is to say –The media is not a source of Fact or Truth, but of factoids. The media present snippets of reality in factoids, but are not a great place to find Facts in and of themselves. Basically – the news gives us the factoid that the new outlets thinks or wants us to believe what they just said is true.

If we want truth and reality, we must take the news factoid and analyze it, contrast it, and shift it up and down before accepting it into our minds.

All in all, keep praying and do not let media presentation of aliens become your idea of reality.


3 thoughts on “Government Alien Grooming and Media Methods

  1. I don’t read the news anymore. I don’t really see the point.

    Interesting note: I actually met someone who said he had met and spoken to telepathic Venusians with blond hair and blue eyes. I seriously wonder what really happened.

    Also, I hear aliens often don’t like it when people call on the names of Jesus and Mary.

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