Book Review: New Evangelization Passing on the Catholic Faith Today

What interest does a book have when the topic is really good – the new evangelization – but the author is involved in a whole bunch of muck. The New Evangelization: Passing on the Catholic Faith Today by Cardinal Donald Wuerl is one of these books. An interesting topic but a questionable author. There is a lot of publicly know information about the author which brings into question the moral character of some of their thinking and decision making processes.

The new evangelization is one of those subjects continually recommended by the Church as a great thing. The problem arises when several people involved in some dubious cases all have been involved in this great topic. It tends to taint the wave of enthusiasm for the subjects they are involved with.

The Church’s message is in general a stumbling block or scandal depending on your outlook in life. But the scandals and stumbling blocks associated with a whole group of Church leadership is of a different kind that both secular and religious mindsets of every culture generally find just that scandalous.

I never read past the first few pages. It probably is an okay book, but I always do some research on the author before reading. This research persuaded to to stop there.

All in all with so many various Catholic media sources, books, and blogs on the new evangelization there is no reason I need to read a book by an author involved in scandal. This is my habit for such things. There are much better things to focus on. Don’t forget the Church’s troubles because they do need to be solved, but at the same time don’t let them become a constant source of dwelling.


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