Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Catholic Faith: Book Review

Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Catholic Faith by Paul Thigpen was an interesting work. It was great to have a resource which shows how the existence of aliens would not make the Catholic Faith proven incorrect or irrelevant.

Although I do not necessarily have any negative comments on the ideas expressed in the book, the emphasis is definitely different than other books I have read. Paul Thigpen does not take the stance in which aliens are demons or spiritual enemies. He does note that some encounters follow similar patterns to satanic encounters but does not think these encounters represent the majority of extraterrestrial intelligence phenomenon.

The real problem with such a stance is that after reading, Messengers of Deception: UFO Contracts and Cults by Jacques Vallee and The Omega Conspiracy: Satan’s Last Assault on God’s Kingston by I.D.E Thomas, I find the arguments for the demonic UFO connection much stronger than is held by Paul Thigpen.

Regardless, Paul’s book is a great resource for the Catholic understanding of how aliens could be accommodated with the faith. He is even able to illuminate a few great quotations from the Church Fathers, including a great quote where St. Jerome expressed comments on an alleged Satyr (non human or angel intelligent creature) which was found and brought to the Emperor. My questions is why would I want to accommodate aliens into the faith? I would first have to be convinced they are not demons and Paul’s book does not do this for me (it does not try to argue this point).

Although the book does contain several great quotes from saints and Church Fathers, it also contains several dozen quotes from rationalist and enlightenment thinkers which I found boring. I don’t have much patience for learning from such enlightenment thinkers. They could not even get the basic principles of life correct, I doubt their thoughts on complex alien theology were correct.

Overall a rare Catholic book on aliens, but one I hold needs to be supplemented by a broad reading from other solid authors such as Jacques Vallee (several which are free on archive.org).


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