How to Change the Population Pseudo Control 101

If you were a group of personages who want to effect world wide mass change, how would you accomplish this?

A army takeover? Some horrible virus that would kill everyone off? A threat of nuclear war? Would you rely on reason and try to convince others of your views?

If your change involves removing the liberty of the average man, placing power in the hands of the elite or elimination of the Christian religion I don’t think the above answers could feasible be accomplished on a world scale. (Although very clearly they can on even a multinational level – at least for a few generations)

You need something that the average person cannot verify or rationally argue about themselves in order to create hysiteria or blind belief. You need something people cannot participate in actively other than in a passive way (i.e. you cant have too many in the know such as massive armies going around killing – people would see what is truly happening). You finally need to slowly demonize Christianity and its morals which are the basis of Civilization.

What things could accomplish this? Three things come to my mind.

Climate Change comes to mind. Something that the average person cannot verify, or talk about deeply other than news clip type facts. It is also a topic heavily regulated by the press and government. They have been progressively demonizing opposing views about climate change or making them seem dumb or evil even if held by high level scientific personages. Climate change as it is presented uproots mans position on earth, makes him feel sinful and less than he truly is in God’s eye. All you need is the government to slowly trickle the climate change narrative out until they can make up some global disaster that we need to avert. They only way to divert it is — you guessed it — giving up free liberty, food security, health and freedom itself.

We need not mention a certain recent occurrence in human history.

A fake alien invasion. Again something people cannot verify. A bunch of hoke-poke photos and fake lights and non-physical but mental occurrences used to achieve the loss of liberty. Aliens themselves are not a disaster to Catholic though and could be easily accommodated, but lets get real. How many alien contacts or messages are anything but demonic, eastern soul mind, reincarnation, Atlantis garbage.

The upheaval of society will not be rational perhaps, not some climax or man’s enlightenment (as if we have actually been getting smarter), an evolution (if evolution is even true) or ultimate technological destiny. It will be a mass illusion caused by irrational elements within man being manipulated by the forces of evil.

True change can only be effected by Christ and the light of the Gospel. This is based on love active not passive – passive eating of crickets, do what alien say participation, stay passively indoors to avoid the global sun ray dust or whatever else. How can the World Economic Forum, the government or any global coalition accomplish anything? They don’t have prayer, they don’t rely on Christ. Strengthen the family in faith instead.


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