Crazy Vs. Normal Theology

Just remember if evil has always been evil, why did St. Thomas Aq. never run an argument sounding like — then Constantine’s cousin undercover in Egypt ran a secret mission which was stopped by radical anti Catholic forces stemming from pagan rebels. That is why that sentence was used in Nicaea. Now to get the truth we must have the intentions of Constantine’s mother in mind when this cousin died and spoke such a phrase into the council.


3 thoughts on “Crazy Vs. Normal Theology

      1. Agreed. I don’t think we as Catholics should follow this too closely to be honest, unless it is required by our state in life to do so (by which I mean a canon lawyer or a news reporter should probably follow any corruption or conspiracies going on in the Vatican, but it could easily disturb and distract from spiritual life for the average lay Catholic to do so).

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