Obedience in St. Faustina’s Diary

Along with the Eucharist obedience to the will of God and that expressed through superiors is a special theme of importance in St. Faustina’s Diary.

Below is a list of words associated with obedience in St. Faustina’s Diary. Please note that some of these words have multiple meanings and therefore are not all related directly to obedience. After the concordance style list, some brief sample quotations have been provided at the end.

The word obedience occurs in paragraphs: [24],[28] twice,[68],[77] twice,[93] seventeen times,[99],[102] twice,[105] three times,[151],[257],[354],[360],[362],[365],[376],[381],[506],[523],[535] twice,[567],[615],[878],[894] three times,[924],[933] twice,[939] twice,[961] twice,[981],[1006],[1023],[1112],[1187] twice,[1267],[1312],[1355],[1378],[1567],[1594],[1644],[1650], and [1686].

The word obedient occurs in paragraphs: [7],[93],[105],[113],[196],[354],[381] twice,[506],[624],[643],[646],[894],[895],[979],[981],[1069],[1243],[1374] twice,[1401], and [1732].

The word obey occurs in paragraphs: [226] twice,[506],[535] three times,[567],[628],[645] twice,[741],[894],[981],[1152], and [1686].

The word obeyed occurs in paragraph: [535] twice.

The word obeying occurs in paragraphs: [535],[567] twice, and [1244].

The word selfwill occurs in paragraphs: [365],[369],[560], and [639].

The word selfwilled occurs in paragraph: [560].

The word selfwillfulness occurs in paragraphs: [362], and [364].

The word superior occurs in paragraphs: [14] twice, [18] three times,[20],[28] seven times,[32],[42] five times,[43] twice,[51] twice,[64] twice,[68] twice,[93] eight times,[95],[100],[122],[123],[138],[196] three times,[217],[260],[274] twice,[313],[329] twice,[352],[395],[405],[406],[412] five times,[494],[496],[530] four times,[536],[549] twice,[550],[553] three times,[554],[555] four times,[556] twice,[557],[558] twice,[565] three times,[566],[567] ten times,[568] seven times,[601],[615],[624] twice,[690],[696],[700] twice,[714],[792],[816],[842],[864],[924],[936],[981],[1068],[1070],[1081],[1091],[1112],[1130],[1162],[1198] twice,[1266],[1268],[1290],[1296] twice,[1299],[1301] twice,[1348] twice,[1378] twice,[1380][1386],[1421],[1422],[1440],[1453],[1519] twice,[1558],[1567],[1568],[1587],[1613],[1633],[1637] twice,[1638],[1648] twice,[1649],[1752] four times, and [1785].

The word superior’s occurs in paragraphs: [64],[329],[1187],[1421],[1636], and [1752] three times.

The word superioress occurs in paragraph: [568].

The word superiors occurs in paragraphs: [21],[31] twice,[38] twice,[54],[67],[93] four times,[101],[117],[121],[122] four times,[123] twice,[128] twice,[147],[149],[165],[167],[169],[173],[174],[214],[215],[222],[226],[240],[269],[274],[353],[354],[490],[496],[497],[504],[506],[519],[535],[558],[560],[567],[761],[786],[794],[839],[923],[968] three times,[981],[1062],[1301],[1313],[1326],[1355],[1381],[1429] twice,[1487],[1503],[1519],[1568],[1581],[1634],[1636],[1729],[1752], and [1760] twice.

The word confessor occurs in paragraphs: [19],[21],[23] twice,[34] twice,[35],[49],[52],[53] three times,[55] four times,[59],[61] twice,[77],[78],[86],[88],[90],[93],[95],[96],[97] three times,[99],[112] sixteen times,[113] twice,[115] twice,[121],[122] three times,[127],[132] twice,[139] twice,[145] four times,[169],[173] three times,[174] four times,[176],[196],[203],[211],[215],[240],[269] twice,[271],[290],[293],[299],[311],[312],[327],[330] three times,[331],[333] three times,[344] twice,[345],[353],[417],[421] twice,[430],[442] twice,[447],[466],[473],[497],[504] twice,[506],[530],[557] three times,[558],[560] twice,[562],[563],[570],[573] four times,[577] three times,[585],[597],[613],[618],[628],[628],[639],[643],[644] twice,[645] five times,[646],[647],[654],[671],[673],[680],[773],[792],[839],[894],[933],[937] four times,[938],[1069] twice,[1117],[1161],[1355],[1405],[1423],[1429],[1487] twice,[1497],[1499],[1560],[1567],[1611] twice,[1644],[1752], and [1760] three times.

The word confessor’s occurs in paragraphs: [131],[333],[431],[639] twice,[644] twice,[711], and [894].

The word confessors occurs in paragraphs: [35] twice,[111],[112],[132],[145],[192],[240],[269],[557] three times,[628] three times,[647],[817],[895],[940],[1006],[1374],[1497], and [1715].

[28] “…Jesus said, I was here during your conversation with the Superior and know everything, I don’t demand mortification from you, but obedience. By obedience you give great glory to Me and gain merit for yourself.

[131] “…throughout my probation, I prayed for light for the priest to whom I was to open up my soul to its depths. I asked God that He Himself would help me and grant me the grace to be able to express even the most secret things that exist between me and Him and to be so disposed that, whatever the priest would decide, I would accept as coming from Jesus Himself…

[506] “Do nothing without the consent of the superiors. One must think this matter over thoroughly and pray much…

[535] “I have come to do My Father’s will. I obeyed My parents, I obeyed My tormentors and now I obey the priests. I understand, O Jesus, the spirit of obedience and in what it consists. It includes not only external performance, but also the reason, the will and judgement…

[773] “Yet, the soul cannot proceed on its own in these matters. It must follow the advice of an enlightened confessor, for otherwise it could go astray or gain no profit.

[1023] “…My daughter, you please Me more by eating the oranges out of obedience and love of Me than by fasting and mortifying yourself of your own will…

[1760] “Never trust in yourself, but abandon yourself totally to My will. In desolation, darkness and various doubts, have recourse to Me and to your spiritual director. He will always answer you in My name…


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