Some Humor

I respect all those who disagree with the contents of these jokes. These comics are not meant to belittle the intellect of anyone. I also make mistakes. The hope is you and I can laugh at my mistakes and your mistakes. The purpose is to engage is some rather tame verbal wittiness. Sometimes these comics take a rather complex and subtle argument and reduce it to something simple so a joke can be set up. I am not making strawmen out of opposing views.

You can imagine some of these as argument/defense by picture. When we can see things in a non-serious light sometimes our minds become more open to opposing views. We can see each other as human beings not just opponents. I hope these images do that.

These are all original content created by myself. You can freely copy but I ask that you link this page or my website home page as a reference.

When Politics Become a Religion it is Time to Step Back and Think
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