A Response to the Ottaviani Intervention: Part 1 of 2

Part 2 will be coming soon.

This is not a complete disagreement with the contents of the Ottaviani Intervention. I can see how someone could view certain omissions in content and additions in content to the Novus Ordo Missae (NO) in the way that they do.

The Ottaviani Intervention was a short critical study of the NO prepared by a group of theologians presented to Pope Paul VI. Cardinal Ottaviani was one of the highest-ranking officials who signed the document. The study present certain reservations and accusations against the NO.

Claim in the cover letter by Cardinal Ottaviani: The theology of the Mass expressed in the Council of Trent, is departed from by the language used in the NO which can be widely and variously interpretated. “The pastoral reasons put forth to justify such a grave break, even if such reasons could still hold good in the face of doctrinal considerations, do not seem sufficient.”

Response: The Second Vatican Council called for changes. The changes received arguably were more than warranted from Sacrosanctum Concilium. Yet, the Pope still promulgated the NO. I think it is best to humbly submit our minds on this one. Still there is nothing wrong with holding such a break was not warranted. It is extremely difficult to determine what factors resulted in a dwindling Western (Not Eastern) decrease in Church attendance. (See Mass Exodus by Stephen Bullivant)

Claim in the cover letter by Cardinal Ottaviani: Chaning the Mass in a major way will cause the faithful to believe that what has been always held by Christian people be changed or ignored without infidelity to the sacred deposit.

Response: Not changing the Mass could result in the faithful holding that the faith does not relate to them in the modern world. When Saint Pope Pual VI maintained the Church’s stance on contraception, perhaps even more people than due to the changes of Vatican II left the Church. (Again, see surveys in Mass Exodus)

Claim: In article 7 of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GRIM) “It states that Christ’s promise, (Where two or three come together in my name, there am I in their midst) applies to this assembly supremely. Thus, the GRIM puts Christ’s promise (which refers only to His spiritual presence through grace) on the same qualitative level (save for greater intensity) as the substantial and physical reality of the sacramental Eucharistic Presence.

Response: First, article 7 used the word eminenter, this can be translated as an outstanding way and does not necessarily mean supremely. Secondly, Pope Pual VI revised the text in a presumed response to the Intervention and changed the text of article 7. Article 7 is now article 27 in current form of the GRIM and now reads “27. At Mass that is, the Lord’s Supper the People of God is called together, with a priest presiding and acting in the person of Christ, to celebrate the memorial of the Lord, the Eucharistic Sacrifice. For this reason Christ’s promise applies in an outstanding way to such a local gathering of the holy Church: “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst” (Mt 18:20). For in the celebration of Mass, in which the Sacrifice of the Cross is perpetuated, Christ is really present in the very liturgical assembly gathered in his name, in the person of the minister, in his word, and indeed substantially and continuously under the Eucharistic species.” (Refer to the Holy See)

Claim: In article 7 of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GRIM) the language does not “in the very least” imply the Real presence, the reality of the sacrifice, nor the sacramental function of the priest who consecrates. “… omitting these dogmatic values by going beyond them amounts, at least in practice, to deny them.”

Response: First, article 27 (the current place of article 7) has been updated to reflect the comments of the Intervention (See above). Second, just as we interpret Saint Pual’s Roman’s 10:9-12 together with his other works, we must also interpret the GRIM in the same way. Not every sentence nor even the document itself need to place the same emphasis as previous documents as long as they don’t clearly and directly reverse Church teaching. Vatican II had called for different emphasis on liturgical items which the GRIM was expressing. It was not to be viewed as a reprobation of the Real presence and the reality of the sacrifice. Just as we view through faith alone, in the context of other books of the Holy Scriptures so to must the GRIM be seen in the context of tradition not suspicion.

Claim: It is impossible to understand how using this Missal (The Roman Missal of St. Pius V), along with proper religious instruction, could prevent the faithful from participating in the liturgy more fully or understanding it more profoundly.

Response: There is no reason why the same proper religious instruction could prevent the faithful using the NO from understanding the Real presence and sacrifice involved in the Mass all the while achieving the goals and emphasis request at Vatican II.

Claim: “The Instruction uses many different names for the Mass such as: Action of Christ and the People, Lord’s Supper or Mass, Paschal Banquet, Common participation in the Table of the Lord, Eucharistic Prayer, Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist. All these expressions are acceptable when used relatively but when used separately and absolutely, as they are here, they must be completely rejected. ” “It is obvious that the NO obsessively emphasizes “super” and “memorial,” instead of the unbloody renewal of the Sacrifice of the Cross.

Response: I think it is rather obvious for properly formed Catholics that the Lord’s Supper means the Eucharistic Sacrifice. The kind of Catholic who would see the Lord’s Supper as not involving a sacrifice and Real presence, is the kind who would view the TLM as an equally unenlightened event of clericalism. We cannot compare properly formed TLM Catholics with unformed NO ones.

Claim: The ultimate purpose of the Mass is the sacrifice of praise rendered to the Most Holy Trinity. “In the NO, this purpose has disappeared.”

Response: Please read the Gloria sung near the beginning of the Mass during Ordinary Time and Christmas seasons.

Active Hate Groups in Canada

Below are a list (non-comprehensive) of hate groups currently active in Canada.

Just so we know, it makes more sense for a Christian to brand others as hate groups then it does for a secular group to brand Christians as hateful threats to democracy. Now there is not much to be gained by simply calling others hateful, but I think we need to step back sometimes when being called fascist extremists ourselves and get a reality check.

Now I am not saying everyone who works for these organizations is hateful, just some of the people who work there.

Abortion, Porn, Homosexuality are all items that natural law using human reason alone is enough for the average man to discern the evil of their actions. Thus, I have no problem labeling as hate groups secular non-religion entities based upon certain natural law criteria.

Liberal Party of Canada (Might as well say NDP too) = Does not allow pro-Life politicians to be part of the Party which is discriminatory to orthodox Jews and Christians. An extremist group who actively support killing babies in the womb. They also are involved in past finical scandals from leadership downwards. Purposefully spending more then country makes to create perpetual debt servitude of the middle class.

Twitter = Allows extremist Muslim groups to tweet about destruction of Jews but does not censor them because they are top busy censoring Christians.

Business and any Organization which fly Pride Flags = Jews and Christians who know the law of Moses and Jesus find it offensive to work for organizations which fly pride flags. Companies do so anyway.

Government of Canada, School Boards, Ministries of Education, and other various Provinces = Implements Gender Ideology in schools without parental consent and guidance thus, showing discriminatory actions towards Jews and Christians who hold to the law of Moses and Christ. Court cases have to be had for parents even to know which days these Gender Ideologies will be taught.

Disney = Promotes various Ideologies that destroy the life of Children in age inappropriate shows and movies.

Government of Quebec = Cannot wear a cross if you work for the government. This is discrimination against religion. It is an error which leads to grave problems to believe a secular job can be separate entirely from religion.

CBC and CTV News = Biased news presentations filtering out Christian values promoting life styles which lead to hell. Promoting choices which lead to hell is a very hateful thing to do. No one should help people get to hell. And even natural law which has nothing to do with religion would tell a person some of the lifestyles they promote end in hell.

British Columbia Provincial Barristers = Tried to deny graduates of a Christian School from practicing Law in the Province because the School’s code of conduct forbids ungodly acts. This is an act of discrimination.

Governments allows the sale and local gas stations often to sell pornographic magazines. This promotes people ending up in hell which is a bad thing to do. It also promotes objectification of woman and their abuse. And even natural law which has nothing to do with religion would tell a person porn ends in hell.

Netflix = Sexualizes children with their ideological shows at an early age.

Government of Canada and Health Units = Declared Churches non-essential during covid without regard for eternal or spiritual significance. The Government does not get to control people like this in democracies.

Protestors and Other Groups Who Burned Down Churches in British Colombia.

Conservative Party of Canada = Denying various members the right to run for elections because they upheld Christian views on Muslims and other topics.

Other items of mention which while not hate are problematic.

Local Governments and Events = At various times and places, allow Aboriginal people to say prayers to demons and false Gods at public events when non-aboriginal people are present. The intention is often to recognize that the Aboriginal people lived on some parts of the Canadian landscape before Canada was formed as a nation. The result of using prayers at such times to false Gods, is that a foreign culture and religion is forced upon others of no religion or of Christian orientation.

Government Alien Grooming and Media Methods

Just a catch up moment on some of my previous posts about UFO’s in the last few months (Aliens are Demons). I claimed, the government(s) are going to introduce aliens to the populations. These aliens are going to “solve” climate change but are in reality demons and extremely evil spiritual beings. Latter the government will introduce ‘evil’ aliens in an attempt to wrestle freedom from submissive and scared populations.

The government(s) are grooming us to accept UFO life on earth. From USA Congress’ recent May discussions on UFOs and other Ariel Unidentified Objects, to the media’s willingness to report on even some pretty low effort UFO news items, and even a stir in some recent UFO books and publications all point towards the Government grooming us to accept UFO presence.

I would like to say the most of my Media comments stem from a Canadian experience. Most of the big media companies in Canada are rather directly funded by the government, rely on government grants or are controlled by only a few select mother organizations that own everything from TV stations, radio networks, major newspapers all the way down to your local small town newspapers stand. And of course there are some great reporters and stations will fall outside of my criticisms.

The media can be fickle. When something big happens, such as a new Tesla car being introduced, the media then filters in a whole bunch of related electric car content which otherwise would never have made headlines. This is what they do – cycles. For example, a zoo in the southern states has a baby gorilla born. The media then presents this item as it is a rare occasion in America. They will then go an report on a whole bunch of rather common and none headline worthy new items about gorillas in Africa and elsewhere. They do this as click bait. Everyone is talking about the baby gorilla in America so they have gorillas on the mind. The media then presents a whole bunch of gorilla content of non-note worthy items which gets them clicks and views because it is on people’s minds.

If you have watched news cycles for even 4 months or so you will see this happen. A flavour of ice-cream is recalled by Walmart, and all of a sudden the ice cream route driven by 1 of 15 different vendors in the local city being disrupted by traffic (which happens every week to one of them but is never on the news) somehow becomes a major headline of the 1 hr. long evening news.

There are even more Media Methods.

There is also the method of Content Balancing. For example, a good thing done by a local Catholic Church actually makes the news! — This gets balanced, if not immediately after it by something about a Muslim or a Jew. Unless the favoured political view of the news station is scoring the points, when any opposing views get air time – they are mostly balanced by opposing views.

It does not take much to recognize Content Banishing, and Media ‘Parental’ Filtering. When a piece of content is in the mind of many viewers, but not supported by big tech/business or the government does it really even make a news impact that it should? For example, how many North American people actually believe in climate change? How many North American people think LGBQ stuff is ungodly? How many Canadian’s actually think the trucker protest in Ottawa was a bad idea? I will leave those answers to the viewer.

What is obvious is that the media like a ‘parent’ filters out views that dare I say even a majority of people hold and only present the standardized version that they want us to hear. Never present ‘fringe’ ideas (that a large percentage of the population holds) for the fear that a neutral media may sway the population away from the ‘mainstream’ views.

All this is to say –The media is not a source of Fact or Truth, but of factoids. The media present snippets of reality in factoids, but are not a great place to find Facts in and of themselves. Basically – the news gives us the factoid that the new outlets thinks or wants us to believe what they just said is true.

If we want truth and reality, we must take the news factoid and analyze it, contrast it, and shift it up and down before accepting it into our minds.

All in all, keep praying and do not let media presentation of aliens become your idea of reality.

Book Review: A Christian Perspective on Pain and Suffering – With the Dawn Rejoicing

I had recently reviewed Rediscovering the Art of Dying by Sister Nuala Kenny (Linked Here), and had mixed reviews about the book. Thus, I read some other books on the Christian understanding of pain and suffering.

One of those books was A Christian Perspective on Pain and Suffering – With The Dawn Rejoicing by Melannie Svobada, SND. I rate Svoboda’s work highly. There is an unnecessary quote from Carl Jung, a new-age type thinker (and yes its true – look up his bizarre and ridiculous beliefs) on page 28 that I could find dozens of quotations from Catholic Saints saying the same thing but otherwise I only have good things to say about the book.

The book is written in short reflection style format followed by a brief prayer in contrast to Rediscovering the Art of Dying which was more of an example discussion format. Now granted that Rediscovering the Art of Dying was dealing with Assisted Suicide and the Catholic understanding of end of life pain and suffering specifically and Svoboda’s work on pain on suffering only, many of the themes overlap.

In my opinion, while the Art of Dying presents some great stories and reflections on real life examples of how people suffer with various life ending health problems and has value in that, Svoboda’s work does a better job of showing how a Catholic can deal with pain in light of their faith.

Svoboda is pretty quick to point out slowing down will be required, learning to lean on prayer, adjusting to a new normal – that one you are much less in control of, accepting crosses, taking things day by day and many more great insights that gleam with Catholic wisdom and virtue. It is not as if the Art of Dying does not also present such themes, but in my opinion it brings out its Catholicness in a slower and more hidden way. Svoboda is more obvious about Faith’s roll in suffering recommending even have a crucifix close by to hold if required.

That is why I give Svoboda’s book a favorable review.

The Name of God is Mercy: Pope Francis

The Name of God is Mercy A Conversation with Andrea Tornielli, is a delightful book. It is the contents of a series of interviews of Pope Francis by Andrea Tornielli on Mercy and the Year of Mercy earlier in Pope Francis’ pontificate.

Pope Francis tells several stories which place emphasis on the fact that God just wants a small opening to bring us Mercy. It is about making the first tiny step in order to transform us into better people.

There is one controversial section which made me hesitate which I will get to shortly. I had read Vinny Flynn’s 7 Secrets of Divine Mercy, a while back and reread the final chapter after reading the contents of Pope Francis’ messages. They were quite similar. Flynn concludes that the goal of Divine Mercy is transformation, which Pope Francis had been illustrating in the book. I was happy to see this.

Now for the controversial section. On Page 18, “… if the confessor cannot absolve a person, he needs to explain why, he needs to give them a blessing, even without the holy sacrament. The love of God exists even for those who are not disposed to receive it…. Do not push them away. People are suffering. It is a huge responsibility to be a confessor. Confessors have before them the lost sheep that God loves so much; if we don’t show them the love and mercy of God, we push them away and perhaps they will never come back. So embrace them and be compassionate, even if you can’t absolve them. Give them a blessing anyway. I had a niece who was married to a man in a civil wedding before he received the annulment of his previous marriage. They wanted to get married, they loved each other, the wanted children, and they had three. This man was so religious that every Sunday, when he went to Mass, he went to the confessional and said to the priest, ‘I know you can’t absolve me bit I have sinned by doing this and that, please give me a blessing.’ This is a religiously mature man.

The question arises, is someone who is in a state of objective mortal sin, knows they are in it and do not leave this state, religiously mature? With all due respect to the Holy Father, I don’t think mature is the correct term. They are religious by trying to receive a blessing and going to church but they are not mature.

Someone who is mature religiously would have not committed adultery on their first wife, set the second spouse up (whom they love) for the sin of adultery and then produce children in this love triangle and unstable ground. Just stop and think, getting married and having kids is not a one week type thing, it is not a lapse of judgement. It is a prolonged, sought after, rationalized act against your conscience.

On the other hand, someone who is religious but still growing may believe that they can do as they please and hope for forgiveness. The great ‘but’ philosophy. But we are in love – the adulterous couple says, therefore our grave sin is okay because we will be really good in all the other ways we have to be.

The words of the gospel come to mind – Lord Lord did we not cast demons out in your name? And Jesus will say I do not know you – For the fact of the matter is, Jesus does not need a whole bunch of good deeds we want to do after we get our great ‘buts’. He wants the things he commands, and that means no adultery. I am of the belief that Jesus would prefer 1 confession a year with true repentance, then one every weekend without any desire to change your living situation.

I have met several faithful Catholics who have been lonely, financially burdened, and depressed because their spouses left them. The refuse to get remarried because they know the first marriages were valid. These Catholics are mature. They have taken a cross most would not even be able to bear. The man mentioned in the book under review, took up no cross. He did not reconcile with his first wife, and sought the benefits of a second marriage without regard for grave sin. That is not maturity.

I agree with the text on page 18 that people should be shown love regardless of their living situation and not shunned. I think a need to avoid sandal though is required. The book shows the need for mercy in these situations which is great! I just think the adjective mature is not well placed. Perhaps the Holy Father was focusing on the theme of the book rather than other topics I am thinking of. Perhaps there is a translation error from the original Italian. There is a chance that if I knew more of this man’s life I may to think he is mature.

I still think the book is very good. One small argument about an adjective for a whole book (its a shorter book 99 pages) is pretty good for me. The book is overpriced slightly. Unless you get it at a used book shop like I did, I recommend Vinny Flynn’s 7 Secrets of Divine Mercy over The Name of God is Mercy.

How Hard is it to Find a Poorly Said or Scandalous Novus Ordo?

In Ontario, Canada I would say it is extremely hard to find a scandalous or poorly said Novus Ordo Sunday Liturgy.

As a Canadian living in Ontario I find it extremely odd how many good standing Catholics in the States or Traditionalists claim that there are scandalous Novus Ordo liturgies around them.

To be honest, from my own personal life experience in Ontario, I think that these claims may stem from scrupulosity, equating someone receiving communion on the hand as a grave sin, or from other personal beliefs about the behavior of parishioners (talking in church etc…) as somehow altering the efficacy of the priest’s reverent recital of the mass or personal opportunity for grace.

It is easy to find scandalous masses online, but if all I had to go on was my own observations – Scandalous Novus Ordo liturgies are hard to find!

In my life I had a hard time finding employment early on in my career and had to move several times before I can to reside in my current residence. Hence, I have attended numerous parishes over the years in Ontario and have only seen 1 liturgy that had some alterations (and even those were in good taste). The 1 liturgy that had alterations was run by a religious order and was a shrine. They added some words during mass about healing and various other subjects – and may have had the bishop’s permission to do so.

I have been to the following number of parishes.

Diocese of Peterborough 1

Diocese of Pembroke 3 (Plus Shrine of Saint Anne in Cormac)

Archdiocese of Toronto 13 (Plus 1 Shrine and 3 Chapels)

Archdiocese of Ottawa 2 (Plus 1 Chapel)

Archdiocese of Saint Sault Saint Marie 3

Archdiocese of Kingston 9 (Plus 1 Chapel)

If we count my family and friends, I could add another 10 to that total.

I have seen a priest spill the Blood of Christ on his vestments by accident and dealt with the situation reverently. I have seen a priest accidently say the Pope was John Paul II instead of Francis but that was due to his old age and the heat. I have seen 1 video of my grandparents renewing their vows which basically had a female deacon in it, but that parish has since reformed and improved in the last 30 years.

Basically, what I am getting at is in Ontario Canada, it is not valid to say Novus Ordo Liturgies are not done well or are scandelous. A person would be very hard pressed to stumble upon a scandelous Novus Ordo.

This may be different in the States, but in Ontario the whole Novus Ordo liturgies are not reverent argument simply does not apply. I expect reverent Novus Ordo in Ontario and that is what is consistently get.

Little Office of Saint Joseph – Matins: Latin and English

All hours of the office will eventually end up on this page on the website.

The text of the prayers come from the work titled, Coeleste Palmetum, ad Ubertatem et Sacras Delicias Excultum, Ornatum, Munitum, Wilhelmi Nakateni S.J. 5th Edition, 1866. Translation provided by the work titled, Prayer Book for Religious: A complete Manual of Prayers and Devotions for the Use of the Members of all Religious Communities, by Rev. F.X. Lasance, Revised Edition, 1914. Where texts differ translation provided by Geo. West.


Salve, Patriarcharum decus, et Ecclesiae sanctae Dei oeconome, cui panem vitae et frumentum electorum conservasti.

V. Domine, labia mea aperies.

R. Et os meum annuntiabit laudem tuam.

V. Deus, in adjutorium meum intende.

R. Domine, ad adjuvandum me festina.

V. Gloria Patria. Alleluia.

(A Septuagesima usque ad Pascha, loco Alleluia, dicitur: Laus tibi, Domine, Rex aeternae gloriae)


Magne Joseph, Fili David, Custos date Virgini, Quem et Virgo nuncupavit Petrem Christi Domini. Qui fidelis fervus Dei Datus es familiae, Precor velis curam mei, Tanquam Pater gerere.

Antiph. Constituit eum Dominum domus suae, et Principem omnis possessionis suae. (Psalm 104.20)

V. Ora pro nobis beatissime Joseph;

R. Ut digni efficiamur promissionibus Christi.


Sanctissimae Genitricis tuae Sponsi, quaesumus Domine, meritis adjuvemur: ut quod poffibilitas nostra non obtinet: ejus nobis intercessione donetur. Qui vivis, et regnas Deus in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

V. Domine exaudi orationem meam;

R. Et clamor meus ad te veniat.

V. Benedicamus Domino,

R. Deo gratias.

V. Et fidelium animae per misericordiam Dei requiescant in pace. R. Amen.


Hail, glory of the patriarchs, steward of God’s holy Church, who didst preserve the Bread of life and the Wheat of the elect.

V. Thou, O Lord, wilt open my lips,

R. And my mouth shall announce Thy praise.

V. Incline unto mine aid, O God!

R. O Lord, make haste to help me.

V. Glory be to the Father. Alleluia.

(During Lent, instead of Alleluia, say: Praise to you, O Lord, King of eternal glory)


Mighty Joseph, son of David! High and glorious is thy state – Of Our Lord the foster-father, Mary’s spouse immaculate. The Almighty’s faithful servant, Of the Holy Family Head and father. Oh! I pray thee, Be a father unto me.

Ant. He made him master of His house, and ruler over all His possessions. (Psalm 104.20)

V. Pray for us, most blessed Joseph,

R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray.

May we, O Lord, we beseech Thee, be assisted by the merits of the spouse of Thy most holy Mother, that what of ourselves we can not possibly obtain. may through his intercession be granted to us by Thee, Who livest and reignest God for ever and ever. Amen.

V. O Lord, hear my prayer,

R. And let my cry come unto Thee.

V. Let us bless the Lord.

R. Thanks be to God.

V. May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. R. Amen.

Jean Vanier: Drawn Into the Mystery of Jesus Through the Gospel of John -False Mystery Comments

I picked this one up at the local Salvation Army thrift shop for a buck fifty. I could not get past a few chapters. Jean Vanier is well know for his great work founding L’Arche communities across the globe and a series of spiritual books. He is also posthumously also know for his sexual abuse of six different woman who came to him at vulnerable moments in the their lives. This book review is not meant to cast a negative light on the good that Jean Vanier did, just the book.

Even though Thomas Merton also had a troubled love relationship with a much younger woman at the end of his life, we do at least know there was some form of repentance and rejection of this wayward lifestyle by his choice to stay in the monastery (or at least we can surmise hopefully). In my short research I have not been able to find if Jean Vanier had a glimmer of repentance for his lifestyle.

Regardless of potential repentance, how each of these spiritual authors chose to live their lives in sexual matters casts a shadow of doubt upon their literary and spiritual works as a whole.

Personally, I have benefited greatly rom the works of Thomas Merton. I have read some of his works 4 times over, and listened to 10’s of hours of audio talks given by Merton. When I read his earlier works, I get a sense of wisdom and deep insight into the faith. The words of Jesus come to my mind, “All things therefore whatsoever they bid you, these do and observe: but do not ye after their works; for they say, and do not.” (NAB) On the other hand, I have not found Thomas Merton’s latter works and talks on eastern spirituality to be well founded.

The same type of logic for Merton just did not cut it for me when reading Drawn into the Mystery of Jesus Through the Gospel of John by Jean Vanier for 3 reasons.

  1. Thomas Merton had his lapse near the end of his life for only a few years, so the majority of his spiritual works are not hypocritical. On the other hand Jean Vanier, was sexually abusing woman over a course of years. It is hard to read Jean Vanier expound the wedding feast of Cana and talk about sexual ethics when he himself did not practice them.
  2. In the introduction he says that his spiritual father Pere Thomas Philippe O.P. encouraged him to let himself “be drawn into the mystery of Jesus through the Gospel of John.” Thomas Philippe and latter Jean Vanier himself were know to commit sexual abuse through spiritual mystery magic type stuff. The fact that Vanier, we can presume but not prove lied about not knowing that Thomas Philippe was committing sexual abuse during his life when it was uncovered what Philippe was doing. I have no interest learning mystery from someone who use mystery in an evil and false way.
  3. Jean Vanier practiced a false mystery. His false sexually abusing mystery was about a secret deeper knowledge type stuff that only him and his few inner circle would know about. True mystery does not require secret knowledge. True mystery is simple. It removes secrets, it is accessible to the simple, not the initiated elite.

Point three is the real lesson for me in this book. There are real classes and false classes. Angles are not Human, nor are Human beings animals. On the other hand, knowledge only puffs up. There is no class in Christianity for secret knowledge or “deep” mystery.

I am sure the book contains a great many insights into the Gospel of John. There could even be great fruit in it. But, in a world full of great expositions on the Gospel of John, including those of Saint Augustin available free online, I don’t have much desire to read Jean Vanier. It is also something to look out for in all things.

In a similar vein for topics recently in the media, those who dived people into moral classes are not also to be listened too. There is no such things as a class of people who can follow the gospel moral message, and those who cannot and need concessions made.

How to Respond to Someone Who Wants to Allow Birth Control in the Church

If they are seriously in need of some honest instruction with an explanation of how it is part of the universal and ordinary magisterium of the Church.

If they should know better with a joke. “A young lady asked her doctor what sulfa combinations were the safest for birth control. Stocking his chin, he replied: Sulfa-denial and sulfa-control.” Msgr. Arthur Tonne, Vol. 2 Jokes Priests Can Tell.

Jesus Asked About Birth Control in the Modern 2022 Bible

Mark 11:27-33 Modern 2022 Translation

And they come again to the big cities. And when he was walking in the streets, there came to him the theologians, professors and those without proper instruction in the faith.

And they said to him: By what authority do you teach about what happens in people’s bedrooms? and who hath given thee this authority?

And Jesus answering, said to them: I will also ask you one work, and answer you me, and I will tell you by what authority I do these things.

Why do you want to change the Church’s teaching on birth control and homosexuality? The real reason in your heart.

But they thought with themselves, saying: If we say, to be pastoral and accompanying, he will say then why did the saints not also do that.

If we say what the real reason in our hearts is, he will expose our sinful hearts. For all know that what he want to do is shameful.

And they answering, said to Jesus: A whole bunch of stuff on interpretation of different things using bad analogies and much material on nothing at all important. And Jesus answering, saith to them: Neither do I tell you by what authority I do these things.