A Defense of Lumen Gentium

We have recently, finished our defense of Lumen Gentium. Taking anti-Vatican II Lumen Gentium arguments (listed under the Principle Vatican II Heresies) from http://www.catholicapologetics.info/ we have gone point by point to refute the website. They have 5 points against Lumen Gentium. We give 5 responses. You may find our Pro-Vatican II defense here https://defendingvatican2.wordpress.com/defending-vatican-ii/7-0-lumen-gentium-lg/ .Continue reading “A Defense of Lumen Gentium”

The Spirit of Vatican II: Out into the Deep — Where Peter Is

“By the power of the risen Lord [the Church] is given strength that it might, in patience and in love, overcome its sorrows and its challenges, both within itself and from without, and that it might reveal to the world,… The post The Spirit of Vatican II: Out into the Deep appeared first on Where… TheContinue reading “The Spirit of Vatican II: Out into the Deep — Where Peter Is”

Death of Judas: Vatican II Moving Forward not Looking Back

We are talking Maccabees here. 1 Mac 9:11-18 “Then the army of Bacchides marched out from the camp and took its stand for the encounter. The cavalry was divided into two companies, and the slingers and the archers went ahead of the army, as did all the chief warriors. Bacchides was on the right wing. FlankedContinue reading “Death of Judas: Vatican II Moving Forward not Looking Back”

Encouragement for Pro-Vatican II Defenders from Cardinal Scola and Bishops

Note sure if you have heard the news back in July 2020. Cardinal Scola, Bishop Baron and Bishop Daniel Flores all putting out support for Pope Francis and Vatican II. Let us pray for them. This can also be a word of warning for ourselves. Let’s us not make Vatican II into Christ himself justContinue reading “Encouragement for Pro-Vatican II Defenders from Cardinal Scola and Bishops”

Vatican II FAQ’s Word on Fire

Word on Fire now has an excellent FAQ page on Vatican II. Check it out. Click Here. It answers the following 12 questions. These 12 responses show how we owe Vatican II a religious assent because it is part of the ordinary magisterium’s teaching authority. It cannot be changed or disregarded. If you want toContinue reading “Vatican II FAQ’s Word on Fire”

Bishop Barron on Vatican II

“Friends, I’m a traditionalist—I stand with Christian revelation and the entirety of the Church’s teaching, from the Council of Jerusalem through Nicaea, Chalcedon, and Trent. Since the Church’s tradition includes the Second Vatican Council, it’s therefore impossible to repudiate Vatican II and claim to be a faithful traditionalist. There’s nothing traditional about rejecting an ecumenical council.”Continue reading “Bishop Barron on Vatican II”

Communion on the Hand

            The real beauty about this article is that it avoids useless disputes. “Of these things put them in mind, charging them before the Lord. Contend not in words, for it is to no profit, but to the subverting of the hearers. Carefully study to present thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth notContinue reading “Communion on the Hand”

The Catechism of the Catholic Church Vatican II Style

I have seen recent comments diminishing the grander due to the Catechism of the Catholic Church published after Vatican II because of subsequent changes to its content on lying and on the death penalty. It is claimed that the Catechism of the Council of Trent never went through corrections of the same sort so itContinue reading “The Catechism of the Catholic Church Vatican II Style”

The Real Presence (Website)

A great place to find a Eucharistic Defence of Vatican II. http://www.therealpresence.org/ (check out the Vatican II section for conciliar text quotes on the subject and links to great pro Vatican II articles) http://www.therealpresence.org/eucharst/vat/a4.html I have not had a chance to go over the entire website’s content (which is a lot of material and resourcesContinue reading “The Real Presence (Website)”

The Order of the Mass Latin and English (Ordinary Form) – Vatican II Loves Latin

Did Vatican II do away with Latin? It was not the council’s intention. “Particular law remaining in force, the use of the Latin Langauge is to be preserved in the Latin rites.” (Sacrosanctum Concilium, n.36) “Steps should be taken so that the faithful may also be able to say or to sing together in LatinContinue reading “The Order of the Mass Latin and English (Ordinary Form) – Vatican II Loves Latin”