How Hard is it to Find a Poorly Said or Scandalous Novus Ordo?

In Ontario, Canada I would say it is extremely hard to find a scandalous or poorly said Novus Ordo Sunday Liturgy. As a Canadian living in Ontario I find it extremely odd how many good standing Catholics in the States or Traditionalists claim that there are scandalous Novus Ordo liturgies around them. To be honest,Continue reading “How Hard is it to Find a Poorly Said or Scandalous Novus Ordo?”


How to Respond to Someone Who Wants to Allow Birth Control in the Church

If they are seriously in need of some honest instruction with an explanation of how it is part of the universal and ordinary magisterium of the Church. If they should know better with a joke. “A young lady asked her doctor what sulfa combinations were the safest for birth control. Stocking his chin, he replied:Continue reading “How to Respond to Someone Who Wants to Allow Birth Control in the Church”

Jesus Asked About Birth Control in the Modern 2022 Bible

Mark 11:27-33 Modern 2022 Translation And they come again to the big cities. And when he was walking in the streets, there came to him the theologians, professors and those without proper instruction in the faith. And they said to him: By what authority do you teach about what happens in people’s bedrooms? and whoContinue reading “Jesus Asked About Birth Control in the Modern 2022 Bible”

C. S. Lewis: Perelandra

Perelandra the second book in C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy I also rate very highly. I feel it was slightly more drawn out than necessary in its description of fictional plants and animal on Venus but otherwise a great book. In the story the main character is sent by an angelic creature to Venus to preventContinue reading “C. S. Lewis: Perelandra”

Does Francis Only Quote Post Vatican II Sources?

I once heard someone accuse Francis of only using Post-Vatican II sources in his encyclicals and Exhortations. Is this true? Should we expect someone living 55 years after Vatican II closed to often quote pre-Vatican II works? I did a quick survey of other Popes and how far back quote church documents in their encyclicalsContinue reading “Does Francis Only Quote Post Vatican II Sources?”

C. S. Lewis: Out of the Silent Planet

I thoroughly enjoyed this space fiction adventure work by C. S. Lewis! The book is 160 pages so makes for a good short read. Without giving away too much of the story, three men find themselves on a foreign planet full of new and strange life. One is in it for greed. How he canContinue reading “C. S. Lewis: Out of the Silent Planet”

Aliens are Demons: Avoid at All Costs

Are Aliens evil spirits? That is a very important question in my opinion as I believe the governments around the world are setting themselves up to reveal aliens to the general population. These aliens will present a “solution” to the climate problems, energy shortfalls and food shortages. Many may even see aliens as their saviors.Continue reading “Aliens are Demons: Avoid at All Costs”

Truth is a Renewable Resource

In the war of good and evil, truth and lies, the truth will ultimately win. As much as we are lied to by the forces of evil, the truth will push ahead nonetheless. In war – especially in long drawn out wars such as the war for the salvation of souls – resource utilization isContinue reading “Truth is a Renewable Resource”

Confusion – What to Take from the News on the Liturgy

I do not know how to read the latest document on the Liturgy by Pope Francis. The document, titled “Desiderio Desideravi,” about the Liturgy comes in the same news cycle as Nancy Pelosi being granted communion at the Vatican even though her Bishop told her not to present herself for communion. It is hard forContinue reading “Confusion – What to Take from the News on the Liturgy”