A Response to the Ottaviani Intervention: Part 1 of 2

Part 2 will be coming soon. This is not a complete disagreement with the contents of the Ottaviani Intervention. I can see how someone could view certain omissions in content and additions in content to the Novus Ordo Missae (NO) in the way that they do. The Ottaviani Intervention was a short critical study ofContinue reading “A Response to the Ottaviani Intervention: Part 1 of 2”


Government Alien Grooming and Media Methods

Just a catch up moment on some of my previous posts about UFO’s in the last few months (Aliens are Demons). I claimed, the government(s) are going to introduce aliens to the populations. These aliens are going to “solve” climate change but are in reality demons and extremely evil spiritual beings. Latter the government willContinue reading “Government Alien Grooming and Media Methods”

How Hard is it to Find a Poorly Said or Scandalous Novus Ordo?

In Ontario, Canada I would say it is extremely hard to find a scandalous or poorly said Novus Ordo Sunday Liturgy. As a Canadian living in Ontario I find it extremely odd how many good standing Catholics in the States or Traditionalists claim that there are scandalous Novus Ordo liturgies around them. To be honest,Continue reading “How Hard is it to Find a Poorly Said or Scandalous Novus Ordo?”

Iron Ring Ceremony: Should A Catholic Attend?

Made Available by August Yakabuski Copyright 2022 Should a Catholic attend the Iron Ring Ceremony? (IRC hereafter for what isformally called the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer) The short answer is No. The IRCdoes have some laudable content, but risks undermining more crucial fundamentalCatholic ideals. The long answer which details the following pointsContinue reading “Iron Ring Ceremony: Should A Catholic Attend?”