Vatican II and the Franciscan Thesis

The Franciscan Thesis is that Mary was predestined to be Mother of God in one and the same decree with Christ’s Incarnation and the Absolute Primacy of the Incarnation. The absolute primacy of the Incarnation is the view that Christ’s Incarnation was planed to occur with or without Adam’s sins and the entire creation wasContinue reading “Vatican II and the Franciscan Thesis”


Timothy Gordon Vatican II Indefectibility with Michael Lofton

Vatican 2 Indefectibility w/ Michael Lofton – YouTube Another great video by two Latin Mass Catholic showing how all ecumenical council including Vatican II are indefectible. Just getting this resource out their!

Mary and Vatican II (Best Marian Content of any Council!)

This is the claim: That Vatican II has the most complete treatment of Our Lady of any Ecumenical Council! And, this is just what Dr. Miravalle shows so well. Check out a summary of his videos from “Dr. Miravalle explains that the Second Vatican Council’s doctrine on Mary is possibly the most complete treatmentContinue reading “Mary and Vatican II (Best Marian Content of any Council!)”