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To Protect, Provide and Promote the Good, Beautiful and Ture

Take the thoughts here expressed for what they are -starter thoughts. If you find something interesting go look up the topic in a more formal or Church approved source. If you find any error please let me know and we will correct to form to Church teaching.

Chief Administer/Editor Bio

I am similar to other people in more than a few things. I am different than others in a variety of things. Two sentences which have no meaning.

I do read all messages and am truly grateful for any appreciation. The true power of prayers will only be know on the last day.

Unfortunately, I have received some rather harsh and negative messages. Before you send a message please remember that I am a human being. I make mistakes and can be wrong. Yet, I write in the hope that my risked frustration will turn out positively not negatively. Please do not send me comments saying that I will end up in hell because I like Vatican II. There have been several Pro-Vatican II saints now, so at least in my smalless I have a hope too.

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