St. Joseph’s Concordance Collection

Catholic Concordances and Reference Material at their Best

We create concordances for never before analyzed texts as well as bring back out of print volumes. Saint Joseph’s Concordance Collection provides concordances at low prices due to dedicate volunteers and uses portions of profits to distribute reference texts. Requests for the creation of particular concordances can be directed to the contact page.

Some of Our Great Achievements

Our Concordance of Vatican II all 16 Major Documents is the only in print concordance in English on the topic of Vatican II. Coming at a time when Vatican II is a hot topic, this concordance serves as a valuable resource for studying the sacred council.

Our Concordance of Pope Saint John Paul’s Theology of the Body is a unique and novel contribution to the study of not only John Paul II’s thought but also the theology of the body.

Discover Research Opportunity

Our concordances offer an ease of access to word count criticism, trend analysis for modern and ancient theology, personal reflection, as well as apologetic uses. Check out our own articles on the subject as examples.

If you have used a St. Joseph’s Concordance for your own research please let us know through the contact page.

Book Listings (Most are Free!) or Public Domain Books


To inquire about our next concordance project or submit a concordance request use the form below or the contact page.


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