Scott Hahn and Bad Popes from Reasons to Believe

Some quick responses when the topic of a sinful Pope comes up from Scott Hahn’s book Reasons to Believe. Do Catholics think the Pope is sinless? –No. Most Popes go to confession at least once a week. Peter was a sinner but that did not diminish his authority at all. Do Catholics think that theContinue reading “Scott Hahn and Bad Popes from Reasons to Believe”


Did you know that the Congregation for the Clergy (the Holy See) offers a free biblical analysis software? It is free to download at This is another great resource. Although, the English version is not as complete as the French or Italian there are still 100’s of books cross referenced to respective passages ofContinue reading “Bibliaclerus”

Beautiful Plants of the Bible by Dr. Darom, Other Atlases and Biblical Collections

There are so many different types of biblical commentary out there today. How do you chose which one to follow? My recommendation for more scholarly commentary is to get the most up to date version of the New Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture or the New Jerome Biblical Commentary. Alternatively, moving away from sometimes dryContinue reading “Beautiful Plants of the Bible by Dr. Darom, Other Atlases and Biblical Collections”