Bishop Barron and James Martin’s new Book

Yes, Bishop Barron called James Martin a winsome guide. That is wrong. James Martin has clearly left the Catholic Church and is in open heretical beliefs regardless of what current positions he currently holds. Bishop Barron should recall that to be winsome, there is a freshness or ingenuity required. Sin is never new nor freshContinue reading “Bishop Barron and James Martin’s new Book”

Overcoming Extremism in the Church: Clerically Speaking – by Bishop Barron

Another video that is great by the holy bishop. Part of the hope of this website is to collect resources on the subject on Vatican II. This is another great addition. Overcoming Extremism in the Church: Clerically Speaking (Bishop Barron Video -Link Here) Is letting go of Vatican II a valid position? What about obedienceContinue reading “Overcoming Extremism in the Church: Clerically Speaking – by Bishop Barron”

Dr. Taylor Marshall and Bishop Barron: Open Challenge to Dr. Taylor Marshall

In a video entitled, Viganò vs. Barron on Vatican II & Benedict XVI – by Dr. Taylor Marshall Aug 16th 2020, Dr. Taylor Marshall discusses some details of his latest interactions with Bishop Barron. I don’t think the video is a good source for information. I have respect for Dr. Taylor Marshall, he strives toContinue reading “Dr. Taylor Marshall and Bishop Barron: Open Challenge to Dr. Taylor Marshall”

Pope Francis and Vatican II (2020 Napa Institute Keynote)

Bishop Barron has done it again. See video here. He has excellently defended Vatican II and showed forth Vatican II purpose and great fruit. He also shows how it relates to Pope Francis. Some brief notes and thoughts from the video and my own musings. If the Church is Noah’s Ark, then Vatican II wasContinue reading “Pope Francis and Vatican II (2020 Napa Institute Keynote)”

Bishop Barron on Vatican II

“Friends, I’m a traditionalist—I stand with Christian revelation and the entirety of the Church’s teaching, from the Council of Jerusalem through Nicaea, Chalcedon, and Trent. Since the Church’s tradition includes the Second Vatican Council, it’s therefore impossible to repudiate Vatican II and claim to be a faithful traditionalist. There’s nothing traditional about rejecting an ecumenical council.”Continue reading “Bishop Barron on Vatican II”