Bishop Barron and James Martin’s new Book

Yes, Bishop Barron called James Martin a winsome guide. That is wrong. James Martin has clearly left the Catholic Church and is in open heretical beliefs regardless of what current positions he currently holds. Bishop Barron should recall that to be winsome, there is a freshness or ingenuity required. Sin is never new nor freshContinue reading “Bishop Barron and James Martin’s new Book”

Vatican II Interpretation Book Review

Perhaps the most popular books on Vatican II events may be What Happened at Vatican II by John W. O’Malley and Vatican II: Renewal Within Tradition ed. by Matthew Lamb and Matthew Levering. Richard John Neuhaus gives us his view on how they present the council and its continuity with the past. If youContinue reading “Vatican II Interpretation Book Review”

Scott Hahn and Bad Popes from Reasons to Believe

Some quick responses when the topic of a sinful Pope comes up from Scott Hahn’s book Reasons to Believe. Do Catholics think the Pope is sinless? –No. Most Popes go to confession at least once a week. Peter was a sinner but that did not diminish his authority at all. Do Catholics think that theContinue reading “Scott Hahn and Bad Popes from Reasons to Believe”

St. Monica and The Power of Persistent Prayer

St. Monica and The Power of Persistent Prayer by Mike Aquilina and Mark W. Sullivan is an excellent book. St. Monica has some rough times with St. Augustine. He lived with a concubine and had a child out of what would be considered proper Christian wedlock, he entered into a heretical cult, he even trickedContinue reading “St. Monica and The Power of Persistent Prayer”