Rebellion of Korah and Complaining in the Desert

In Numbers Ch 16 we hear about how Korah, Dathan and Abiram rebelled against Moses and against God. Korah rebelled against the priesthood and why Moses and Aaron were chosen and other were not to go into the presence of God and preform ministry. Dathan and Abiram may have rebelled less on religious term butContinue reading “Rebellion of Korah and Complaining in the Desert”

The Consolation of Philosophy – Vatican II Liturgy

“For the condition of our welfare is a matter fraught with care: either itscompleteness never appears, or it never remains. One man’s wealth is abundant, buthis birth and breeding put him to shame. Another is famous for his noble birth, butwould rather be unknown because he is hampered by his narrow means. A third isblessedContinue reading “The Consolation of Philosophy – Vatican II Liturgy”