The inanity of CTRL-F criticism — Where Peter Is

“This document has 43,000 words. 43,000 words. So that’s a lot. This is—I believe this is his longest encyclical. I didn’t compare it, but it feels like the longest. And I’m going to throw something up on the screen that… The post The inanity of CTRL-F criticism appeared first on Where Peter Is. The inanity ofContinue reading “The inanity of CTRL-F criticism — Where Peter Is”

Pope Francis’ New Encyclical

Let’s Prepare our minds for this. There might be a new encyclical published soon. Yes, people will take sentence out of context to critique and cause scandal around Pope Francis. Yes, it may take a few days for Pro-Francis supports to find adequate solutions in line with the faith. Thus, lets pray we don’t getContinue reading “Pope Francis’ New Encyclical”