Was Vatican II Infallible? — The Catholic of Honor

“The magisterium of the Church did not wish to pronounce itself under the form of extraordinary dogmatic pronouncements.” Pope Paul VI, Discourse closing Vatican II, 7 December 1965 “There are those who ask what is the authority, the theological qualification, which the Council wished to attribute to its teachings, knowing that it has avoided giving […]Continue reading “Was Vatican II Infallible? — The Catholic of Honor”

7 Keys to Defending Vatican II

Here are 7 key ideas that go along way to keep a defense of Vatican II alive in our hearts and those of our interlocutors. Know the ordinary and universal magisterium of the church and how it can teach infallibly. It is often claimed that we can disregard Vatican II because it did not issueContinue reading “7 Keys to Defending Vatican II”

Sharing Some Resources From obeythepope.com

I recommend all these great article finds filled with quotes from the Church Fathers and true contemporary wisdom. The Whole, True and Perfect Security of the Christian Religion Did the first millennium Church have a higher view of papal authority and infallibility than we do today? http://www.obeythepope.com/2017/10/the-whole-true-and-perfect-security-of.html Did Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint PaulContinue reading “Sharing Some Resources From obeythepope.com”