Book of the Families Consecrated to the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, Joseph:

Saint Joseph’s Concordance Collection is pleased to present a new transcription of a vintage text for consecration to the Holy Family from Montreal, Quebec in Canada. Family prayers are also contained herein from a variety of sources.   Summary of the Rules of the Association 1. What are the indispensable conditions of membership in theContinue reading “Book of the Families Consecrated to the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, Joseph:”


Sr. Lucia Called Vatican II a Holy Council

“The simple remembrance of the mysteries in each decade is another radiance of light supporting the burning torch in souls. This is why the devil has moved against it—such a great war. And the worst part is that he has deluded and deceived souls of great responsibility in their position. They are blind men leadingContinue reading “Sr. Lucia Called Vatican II a Holy Council”

The Errors of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate on Vatican II and Education (Gravissimum Educationis)

IN this article linked here The Decrees of Vatican II on Education Compared with Past Church Teachings – CMRI: Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen the CMRI again make several mistakes when they invalidly critique Vatican II and accuse it of heresy. CMRI Claim: Gravissimum Educationis #6 says “But it must always keep in mind theContinue reading “The Errors of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate on Vatican II and Education (Gravissimum Educationis)”

Vatican II and the Franciscan Thesis

The Franciscan Thesis is that Mary was predestined to be Mother of God in one and the same decree with Christ’s Incarnation and the Absolute Primacy of the Incarnation. The absolute primacy of the Incarnation is the view that Christ’s Incarnation was planed to occur with or without Adam’s sins and the entire creation wasContinue reading “Vatican II and the Franciscan Thesis”

Fruits of Vatican II Part 2 – New Evangelization, Mary as Mediatrix

A great sample. Fruit of Vatican II – it allowed for a beauty apologetics to be able to shine, instead of fortress mindsets. (although it was partially hijacked) – The New Evangelization is a fruit of Vatican II “The Council Fathers knew that “fortress Catholicism” was harming the Church and fostering a culture of drabContinue reading “Fruits of Vatican II Part 2 – New Evangelization, Mary as Mediatrix”

33 Days to Morning Glory – Vatican II

This is an Epic book! – Highly recommend. It has brought wonders to my life and so many others. To Jesus through Mary. In addition to 33 days to Morning Glory I have read both St. Luis de Montfort’s True Devotion and The Marian Vow by FI Fr. Stefano M. Manelli. Although I got aContinue reading “33 Days to Morning Glory – Vatican II”

Vatican II Mary Quotes

This is a collection of all the times Mary is mentioned in Vatican II’s main 16 documents. Using the Vatican Website Translation. Although the list is not exhaustive, it does contain the majority. Mary is often one of those topics that if you get right, the rest of the Catholic Church’s dogma flow into place,Continue reading “Vatican II Mary Quotes”

Mary and Vatican II (Best Marian Content of any Council!)

This is the claim: That Vatican II has the most complete treatment of Our Lady of any Ecumenical Council! And, this is just what Dr. Miravalle shows so well. Check out a summary of his videos from “Dr. Miravalle explains that the Second Vatican Council’s doctrine on Mary is possibly the most complete treatmentContinue reading “Mary and Vatican II (Best Marian Content of any Council!)”