Pope Francis/Vatican II Chastity!

If you have read articles on chastity you may have come across the following questions. How far can I go? What the more profound chastity speakers will respond with is, “How far can I go is the wrong question.” Ask how can I be chaste instead. —-and so forth then explaining the positive things ofContinue reading “Pope Francis/Vatican II Chastity!”

Sharing Some Resources From obeythepope.com

I recommend all these great article finds filled with quotes from the Church Fathers and true contemporary wisdom. The Whole, True and Perfect Security of the Christian Religion Did the first millennium Church have a higher view of papal authority and infallibility than we do today? http://www.obeythepope.com/2017/10/the-whole-true-and-perfect-security-of.html Did Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint PaulContinue reading “Sharing Some Resources From obeythepope.com”

Obey the Pope Website

Another excellent Pro-Pope website to lighten up your day. With so much negativity it is easy to lose hope. Let this website give you some hope. http://www.obeythepope.com/ Has the Pope ever taught heresy? Pope Liberius and Saint Athanasius, Death Penalty and Pope Francis, why Obey the Pope? and details of Amoris Laetitia. These are someContinue reading “Obey the Pope Website”