De graves erreurs de Vatican II ? — + Archidiacre +

Après avoir supprimé la possibilité d’hérésies contenues dans les doctrines annoncées par le Concile Vatican II, nous discuterons de la possibilité d’erreurs graves dans le Magistère conciliaire dans ce qui est imposé avec autorité. De graves erreurs de Vatican II ? — + Archidiacre + Does a Teaching Need to be a Dogma Extraordinarily Proclaimed toContinue reading “De graves erreurs de Vatican II ? — + Archidiacre +”

7 Keys to Defending Vatican II

Here are 7 key ideas that go along way to keep a defense of Vatican II alive in our hearts and those of our interlocutors. Know the ordinary and universal magisterium of the church and how it can teach infallibly. It is often claimed that we can disregard Vatican II because it did not issueContinue reading “7 Keys to Defending Vatican II”