Pachamama Story the Other Side

**** Update Oct 4 2020 *** The video of the event ends the debate. No idols present. Watch the video of the event. (Link Here) Go to 13:20 and listen when the woman gives the statue to Francis and says Our Lady of the Amazon. The Statue was Mary no idol worship. The latter VaticanContinue reading “Pachamama Story the Other Side”

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI – Use of Today

Cardinal Ratzinger: “To defend the true tradition of the Church today means to defend the Council … And this today of the Church is the documents of Vatican II, without reservations that amputate them and without arbitrariness that distorts them” (The Ratzinger Report, p. 31) In a recent video, “Viganò vs. Barron on Vatican II &Continue reading “Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI – Use of Today”